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1. A pack; a bundle.
2. A burden.

[Middle English, from Old French, diminutive of farde, package, from Arabic farda, single piece, pack, bundle, from farada, to be separate; see prd in Semitic roots.]


archaic a bundle or burden
[C13: from Old French farde, ultimately from Arabic fardah]


(ˈfɑr dl)

n. Archaic.
1. a bundle.
2. a burden.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Anglo-French, Old French < Old Provençal, derivative of fard(a) bundle (« Arabic fardah load)]


 a bundle or pack—Johnson, 1755; the baggage of a company of men collectively; also called fardellage, 1489; fardlet, a small bundle, 1413.
Examples: fardel of faults, 1644; of foolish impossibilities, 1614; of linen, 1600; of myths, 1873; of papers, 1681; of sin, 1483; of sorrow; of traditions, 1703; of troubles, 1576; of wickedness, 1381.
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Noun1.fardel - a burden (figuratively in the form of a bundle)
burden, encumbrance, onus, incumbrance, load - an onerous or difficult concern; "the burden of responsibility"; "that's a load off my mind"
archaicism, archaism - the use of an archaic expression
References in classic literature ?
As he spoke, a dozen men rushed forward, each screening himself behind a huge fardel of brushwood.
(9) Lazaro comments: "El traia el pan y todas las otras cosas en un fardel de lienzo que por la boca se cerraba con una argolla de hierro y su candado y su llave" (La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes 98).
Fardel, "Differential regulation of sinusoidal and canalicular hepatic drug transporter expression by xenobiotics activating drug-sensing receptors in primary human hepatocytes," Drug Metabolism and Disposition, vol.
Asi en el exilio son abundantes las cronicas, los relatos, los poemas que tienen como punto de inspiracion la tragedia de la guerra: Fardel de eisilado (Edicios Anxel Casal, Buenos Aires: 1952) de Luis Seoane; Non agardei por ninguen (Citania, Buenos Aires: 1957) de Ramon de Valenzuela; Lonxe (Botella al Mar, Buenos Aires: 1954) de Lorenzo Varela.
For example, the "small Fardel" stolen by a pair of thieves in Daniel Defoe's Memoirs of a Cavalier (1720) has its contents itemized in the form of a list: "we opened it and found 'twas a Bundle of some Linen, 13 or 14 Pieces of Plate, and in a Small Cup three Rings, a fine Necklace of Pearl, and the Value of 100 Rix-dollars in Money" (Memoirs 75).
I am very religious, and deprived by Huxley and Tyndall, whom I detested, of the simple-minded religion of my childhood, I had made a new religion, almost an infallible church of poetic tradition, of a fardel of stories, and of personages, and of emotions, inseparable from their first expression, passed on from generation to generation by poets and painters with some help from philosophers and theologians.
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The areas affected by the project are: retention basins - Basin area activities Lobel in Arques;- Basin Fardel to LONGUENESSE;- Areas of the zone of activity of fresh funds and LONGUENESSE Arques;- Basin green ecuelle to LONGUENESSE;- Basin DDE in Saint-Omer;- Basin adjacent to the career Tatinghem Mahieu;- Basin area of ??the field activities of the Cross in Arques;- Basins Gateway Multimodal to arques / lez wardrecques campaign;- Basin Rd943 to Wardrecques- St.
(19) Burton: "I was ever wont to intermix with mine own work some ornaments from the works of others, and I have laboriously collected this fardel out of divers writers, and like him, sine injuria, I have wronged no writers, but given every man his due; and thus citing and quoting mine authors, I am no thief.I have taken, not stolen" (23).
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