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or far·fal  (fär′fəl)
Noodles shaped like small grains or pellets.

[Yiddish farfl, from Middle High German varveln.]


(ˈfɑr fəl)

a solid foodstuff broken into small pieces: noodle farfel.
[1890–95; < Yiddish farfl; compare Middle High German varveln noodles]
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This, in turn, may bring about not only the loss of profits and business opportunities, but also damage the brand, the company effectiveness or hurt its customers (Farfal, 2009).
Leading local filmmakers including Andrzej Wajda and Agnieszka Holland have called for viewers to boycott TVP as a dispute intensifies over the appointment of Piotr Farfal as the station's acting president.
Farfal, who for the previous 18 months had been deputy chairman of TVP--a political appointment made by Poland's earlier right-wing administration--has admitted that as a teenager he edited skinhead magazine Front, known for its anti-Semitic stance.
Farfal dismissed a media storm at the time as "absurd," saying he was "a snotty-nosed kid who let his name be used." But the stink is not going away.