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or far·fal  (fär′fəl)
Noodles shaped like small grains or pellets.

[Yiddish farfl, from Middle High German varveln.]


(ˈfɑr fəl)

a solid foodstuff broken into small pieces: noodle farfel.
[1890–95; < Yiddish farfl; compare Middle High German varveln noodles]
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This classification (Astrand and Saltin, 1961; Farfel, 1960; Margaria, Ceretelli, Aghemo and Sassi, 1963; Mathews and Fox, 1971) is the best for cyclical sports
Mark Farfel, director of the World Trade Center Health Registry, which tracks the health of more than 71,000 rescue workers and survivors, says, "Many people don't connect the symptoms they have today to September 11.
On April 19, 1995, my mom went into labor while baking matzo farfel chocolate chip cookies.
99) made with roasted chopped eggplant, or the egg barley farfel (pasta) with mushrooms and brown gravy at $6.
In 2012, Hannay received the Esther Farfel Award, a symbol of overall career excellence and the highest honor UH bestows on a faculty member.
I would warmly welcome a pro-gramme celebrating Billy's Band, its vocalists Alan Breeze, Doreen Stephens and Kathy Kay - plus trumpeter Grisha Farfel.