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adj. Biology
Covered with mealy dust or powder: a farinose calyx.

[Late Latin farīnōsus, mealy, from Latin farīna, farina; see farina.]


(ˈfærɪˌnəʊs; -ˌnəʊz)
1. (Cookery) similar to or yielding farina
2. (Botany) botany covered with very short hairs resembling a whitish mealy dust
ˈfariˌnosely adv


(ˈfær əˌnoʊs)

1. yielding farina.
2. resembling farina; farinaceous.
3. covered with a mealy powder.
[1720–30; < Late Latin]
far′i•nose`ly, adv.
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Treelets, 3-9 (12) m tall, with stems, petioles and peduncles glabrous, leaves 25-30 x 13-16 cm, truncate to very oblique at the base, with the lobes shorter than the petioles, divergent and leaving a lateral sinus, with farinose texture in fresh leaves similar to velvet, very thick chartaceous, with green to reddish petioles, with prominent epidermal projections, spikes pendent, 20-30 cm long, with the rachis fimbriate, and with fruits 2.5 x 3 mm, obpyramidal, glabrous and free from the rachis.
Culture media selection for mass production of Isaria fumosorosea and Isaria farinose. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology.
In southern region of Ethiopia, Grewia tembensis was reported as the main preferred plant species by adult Camel in the wet season followed by Ormocarpum mimosoides and Acacia etbaica where as Cadaba farinose and Capparis tomentosa were most preferred herbaceous plant species in the dry season (Woodward and Coppock, 1995).