farm building

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barn - an outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals
building, edifice - a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"
chicken coop, coop, hencoop, henhouse - a farm building for housing poultry
horse barn, stable, stalls - a farm building for housing horses or other livestock
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Looking between the tree-trunks, Ralph saw laid out on the perfectly flat and richly green meadow at the bottom of the hill a small gray manor-house, with ponds, terraces, and clipped hedges in front of it, a farm building or so at the side, and a screen of fir-trees rising behind, all perfectly sheltered and self-sufficient.
Some were on ladders, digging in the thatch of the house or the farm buildings, from which they brought out guns, swords, and different weapons of war; others carried them away; and by the sound of mattock blows from somewhere farther down the brae, I suppose they buried them.
It was in a better frame of mind that the small force set out across the open country toward the trim and well-kept farm buildings of John Clayton, Lord Greystoke; but disappointment was to be their lot since neither Tarzan of the Apes nor his son was at home.
The result was a four-room house that was the old one born again, and such well-equipped farm buildings that they were the pride of the township.
Benassis took Genestas in the direction of the farm buildings.
On the far side of a garden and paddock the view overlooked a stream, some farm buildings which lay beyond, and the opening of a wooded, rocky pass (called, in Somersetshire, a Combe), which here cleft its way through the hills that closed the prospect.
"I parked up and I could see the smoke coming out from the farm building.
According to the sources, in the night the goats were tied at a dairy farm by the farmer Malik Khawaj when heavy rain coupled with thunderstorm and lightning struck the farm building and suddenly all 20 goats were perished while the farmer also critically injuries.
Another spokeswoman added: "One farm building was involved in the incident, which was a fully involved fire.
Crews spent 21/2 hours fighting a fire that had taken hold of a farm building in the West Lancs countryside.
But when he arrived at the meeting place a gun was pulled on him and he was held captive in a disused farm building at Newtownstalaban, outside Drogheda, Co Louth, for several hours.