farmer cheese

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farm·er's cheese

 (fär′mərz) or farmer cheese
An unripened cheese similar to cottage cheese but drier and firmer in texture.
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(or farm′er's) cheese`,

a cheese similar to dry cottage cheese, made by pressing together curds of milk.
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( Zucchini Lasagna with Farmer Cheese from Martha Stewart
This version made it into the book because it combines low-fat farmer cheese and goat cheese to lighten up the classic recipe, which relies heavily on rich cream cheese and sour cream or whipping cream.
The dictionary describes it (unhelpfully) as "an unaged, acid-set non-melting farmer cheese made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice or vinegar".
Fresh: Uncooked and unripened curd, moist and mild, usually with a pleasant tartness; includes farmer cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, fresh-style ricotta, fresh goat cheese and Italian mascarpone.
With: new fat-free Breakstone's, Light `n' Lively, Friendship, 1 percent cottage Cheese, pot cheese, farmer cheese.
Our goals for this coming year are to raise a steer for beef, add about a dozen chickens for meat, plant a few more fruit trees (we have six now), learn to make cheese (cottage cheese or farmer cheese at least) and work toward getting our home-based business going so my husband can be home more.