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A card game in which the players bet on the appearance of a particular rank when two cards are taken from the top of a dealer's pack. If the player's rank appears first, the bet is lost, if it appears second, the bet is won, and if it doesn't appear, the player has the option of changing the wager before the next hand.

[Alteration of Pharaoh.]


(Gambling, except Cards) a gambling game in which players bet against the dealer on what cards he will turn up
[C18: probably spelling variant of Pharaoh]


(Placename) a port and resort in S Portugal: destroyed by earthquakes in 1722 and 1755. Pop: 58 051 (2001)


(ˈfɛər oʊ)

a gambling game in which players bet on cards as they are drawn from a box by the dealer.
[1725–35; sp. variant of Pharaoh (compare Italian faraone, French pharaon), alleged to be orig. a designation for the king of hearts in the game. See Pharaoh]
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Noun1.faro - a card game in which players bet against the dealer on the cards he will draw from a dealing boxfaro - a card game in which players bet against the dealer on the cards he will draw from a dealing box
card game, cards - a game played with playing cards


nPhar(a)o nt
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So while Monsieur Isidor with bodily fingers was holding on to his master's nose, and shaving the lower part of Jos's face, his imagination was rambling along the Green Avenue, dressed out in a frogged coat and lace, and in company with Mademoiselle Reine; he was loitering in spirit on the banks, and examining the barges sailing slowly under the cool shadows of the trees by the canal, or refreshing himself with a mug of Faro at the bench of a beer-house on the road to Laeken.
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