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1. Unsociable or shy and socially awkward: "A farouche figure and a bachelor ... [he] had lived all of his life with his mother in the family home" (Frances FitzGerald).
2. Disorderly or intimidating in appearance or behavior; wild: "I badly needed a guide ... what I required was the most farouche-looking guy ... and the toughest modern automobile" (Christopher Hitchens).
3. Outrageous or extreme: "The President's strategists do not want him to lend more than rhetorical support to farouche new-right causes" (New York Times).

[French, from Old French faroche, alteration of forasche, from Late Latin forāsticus, belonging outside, from Latin forās, out of doors; see foreign.]
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1. sullen or shy
2. socially inept
[C18: from French, from Old French faroche, from Late Latin forasticus from without, from Latin foras out of doors]
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1. fierce.
2. sullenly unsociable or shy.
[1755–65; < French; Old French faroche < Vulgar Latin *forasticus foreign, derivative of Latin forās outside]
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- Means "sullen or shy in company."
See also related terms for shy.
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Au travers de son roman, l'auteur relate l'histoire d'une famille, de toute une region qui a souffert au temps du protectorat de la persecution, de la pauvrete, de la faim, de privations, mettant l'accent sur la lutte farouche de la population contre l'occupant et la resistance d'hommes exceptionnels dont son pere.
Dans la declaration lue et remise aux autorites de la CEDEAO par Mme Foussena Djagba, figure de proue et farouche opposante au regime de Faure Gnassingbe, la diaspora togolaise du Nigeria attire l'attention des chefs d'Etat de la CEDEAO sur la tension qui prevaut au Togo et sur les risques que cela fait planer sur toute la sous-region.
Cela s'est d'ailleurs, verifie des le coup d'envoi ou les joueurs algeriens, tels des lions laches, auront oppose une farouche resistance aux Sadio Mane et consorts en temoigne le nombre important de duels remportes notamment au milieu du terrain.
His hard work eventually pays off as Mohamed finds eventually find himself in France's Cirque Farouche. The film follows Gharbi's life as he trains hard and works to fulfill his dreams, making a name for himself amongst the colorful characters of the circus.
Woodlander Farouche (Hann) - Furst Heinrich (West)) took the Dressage award, while Sports Pony Bathleyhills Monet (2008), sired by Casino Royale K (Dam: Mona - Matcho) was named the top pony stallion.
Jihad Farouche, a social worker from the Health Ministry at Hotel Dieu, said that the government also provides up to 75 percent of the cost based on a patient's financial situation.
Pour ceux a qui les salafistes deplaisent, ils s'attendent a une revanche farouche de la part des liberaux.
No doubt that if Larsson had lived to write all ten volumes of his projected Balzackian opus, Lisbeth would have turned out to be a superior mother, but in the fragment we have she tends to fall for men who would be described in French as farouche, a word that means both timid and fierce, like an animal in the wild.
L'hyacinthe, le myrte a l'adorable eclair Et, pareille a la chair de la femme, la rose Cruelle, Herodiade en fleur du jardin clair, Celle qu'un sang farouche et radieux arrose!