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One who shoes horses.

[Obsolete French ferrier, from Latin ferrārius, of iron, blacksmith, from ferrum, iron.]

far′ri·er·y n.


n, pl -eries
(Horse Training, Riding & Manège) chiefly Brit the art, work, or establishment of a farrier
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I am an Australian, and, as we have to move about fast, we are all trained to farriery and such mechanics as come into travel-- I am quite at your service.
The report emphasised just how pivotal a role breeding and racing plays in the rural economy, providing significant employment both directly with 9,500 full-time staff in the core industry and with 5,700 related roles including those in equine science and veterinary work, farriery and horse transport.
There are also farriery and equine physiotherapy demonstrations, cookery competitions, craft stalls, a dog show, fruit, flower and vegetable show, children's activities and competitions and lots of food and drink stalls.
At the heart of the campus is Nethermoreton Farm, with the college also boasting high-quality equine facilities, an animal welfare centre, construction, floristry and farriery workshops and sports facilities.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Precision Farriery Tools To Improve The Standard Shoeing In Eqtn Sec, Ota, Gaya
On the side opposite the fireplace, on a hanging range of mahogany shelves, were ten volumes of Bell's Life in London, the New Sporting Magazine, bound, gilt, and lettered, the Memoirs of Harriet Wilson, Boxiana, Taplin's Farriery, Nimrod's Life of Mytton, and a back-gammon board that Mr Jorrocks had bought by mistake for a History of England.
Other craft activities include barrel making, farriery demos, spInning, weaving and corn dollies.
farriery demonstrations, show jumping competitions and a plant and produce sale.
Over the summer, riders had been competing for points to ride in the show cross individual and inter-team relay finals at Countryside Live, which is viewed as the little sister of the Great Yorkshire Show and includes competitive classes for horses, livestock and farriery, as well as displays and demonstrations.
The 24-year-old, who had been on a farriery course at the agricultural college, learning how to shoe horses, pleaded guilty to charges of assault, common assault and assault by beating.
Effective farriery treatment of hypoflexion tendons (severe digital hyperextension) in a foal.
There's also a parade of horse-drawn vehicles, carriage rides, farriery displays, vintage tractors and children's activities.