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One who shoes horses.

[Obsolete French ferrier, from Latin ferrārius, of iron, blacksmith, from ferrum, iron.]

far′ri·er·y n.
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n, pl -eries
(Horse Training, Riding & Manège) chiefly Brit the art, work, or establishment of a farrier
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I am an Australian, and, as we have to move about fast, we are all trained to farriery and such mechanics as come into travel-- I am quite at your service."
She added: "There are so many jobs in this arena, from breeding, carriage driving, farriery, mounted police and the racing and polo industries, to equine chiropractor, dentist or physiotherapist, yard manager and more - it's huge."
| Edward Gardner competes in the farriery section, where six new forges have been installed
Cromwell, who manages his farriery business in tandem with banging out winners, gives substance to the phrase 'give a busy man a job and he'll get it done' and this success clearly wasn't lost on him or his travelling bunch of owners.
Elsewhere there's birds of prey displays, hundreds of stands to browse, horticultural classes and farriery competitions.
Completing the military scene will be the 29th Field Kitchen, a horse-drawn field kitchen, and farriery demonstrations.
They can help young people find out more about careers in agriculture, agriskills, aquaculture, environmental conservation, equine, farriery, fencing, fisheries management, floristry, horticulture, landscaping and sports turf, land-based engineering, production horticulture and trees and timber.
They climbed aboard an equiciser - a mechanical horse - before discovering for themselves what other careers are available in the industry today, ranging from farriery to sports nutrition.
Commenting on the petition, Charles Warwick said: "As an apprentice farrier I feel the loss of a learning/training and also further education facility would be significantly detrimental to the farriery profession in the North East and Scottish borders as potential new farriers would struggle to find somewhere to train."
At the heart of the campus is Nethermoreton Farm, with the college also boasting high-quality equine facilities, an animal welfare centre, construction, floristry and farriery workshops and sports facilities.
farriery demonstrations, show jumping competitions and a plant and produce sale.