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1. Any of several types of wheat, especially einkorn, emmer, and spelt, whose seeds retain the hull during threshing.
2. See emmer.

[Italian, from Latin far, farr-, a kind of wheat; see bhares-.]
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* Eat different grains, like quinoa, farro and amaranth, more often.
But today, a stunning array of wheats is coming back: heirloom Red Fife, a flavorful wheat that adds loft to whole-wheat breads, though its low yields make it impractical for mass production; stubby Sonora wheat, a drought-tolerant white variety grown for tortillas in the 1880s; even rarer Ethiopian Blue Tinge emmer farro, a rich-tasting chocolate brown variety.
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Farro is a type of wheat that's sometimes used to make semolina flour for pasta.
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