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far·row 1

A litter of pigs.
v. far·rowed, far·row·ing, far·rows
To give birth to (a litter of pigs).
To produce a litter of pigs.

[Ultimately from Old English fearh, pig; see porko- in Indo-European roots.]

far·row 2

Not pregnant. Used of a cow.

[Middle English ferow.]
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Noun1.farrowing - the production of a litter of pigs
birthing, giving birth, parturition, birth - the process of giving birth
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Subsequent reproductive performance of all sows was evaluated and the following data were collected: weaning-to-oestrus interval (WOI), farrowing rate (FR), and the number of total piglets born (NTB).
It is also conceived by many producers that a well-designed service area would alleviate to meliorate litter size and farrowing rate in outdoor systems, where breeding-herd performance continues to progress at a slower pace than in indoor herds.
However, the average farrowing rate in surveys of herds is often less than 80%--even the best farms have trouble keeping the farrowing rate above 90%.
The farrowing rate in the piggery decreased from an expected 82% to 60%; the number of live piglets declined in 27% of the litters born; the proportion of mummified and stillborn piglets, some with deformities, increased; and occasional abortions occurred.
The number of sows needed to produce 22,000 pigs from a sow herd of 1,000 sows with a decreasing farrowing rate is shown in the following figure.
In contrast, farrowing rate was 10% lower in group housing sows compare to stall housing (Karlen et al.
The breeding barn staff has a great influence on the farrowing rate and the number of total pigs born to sows in the farrowing area.
Farrowing rate The number of farrowings/yr divided by the number of farrowing services.