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 (făsh′ə, fä′shə)
n. pl. fas·ci·ae (făsh′ē-ē′, fä′shē-ē′)
1. Anatomy
a. A sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating, or binding together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body.
b. The tissue of which such a sheet or band is composed.
2. Biology A broad and distinct band of color.
3. Architecture
a. A flat horizontal band or member between moldings, especially in a classical entablature.
b. (fā′shə)pl. fas·cias A board covering the ends of rafters on the eaves of a building. Also called fascia board.
4. (fā′shə)pl. fas·cias
a. The shape or styling of the front or rear end of an automobile.
b. Chiefly British The dashboard of a motor vehicle.

[Latin, band.]

fas′ci·al adj.
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a. fascial, rel a una fascia;
___ sheath of eye-ballcubierta ___ del globo del ojo.
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During surgery, he was found to have extensive edema of his subcutaneous tissue, but with no obvious fascial or muscle necrosis.
Muscle herniation through a fascial defect is rare, which requires repair of fascial defects.
The new Weck EFx Shield Fascial Closure System is a shielded port closure device, providing enhanced sharps protection for safe, uniform, and consistent fascial closure.
At exploratory laparotomy, purulent fluid was found in the anterior fascial compartment, with gross pus in the abdomen.
There are a variety of fascial structures that exist with different densities and arrangements of collagen fibers [6].
Comparing to the trauma patients, a longer time may be required to achieve delayed primary fascial closure (DPFC) in the patients with open abdominal sepsis [3].
The treatment method derived from the fascial distortion model is based on an anatomical model and was introduced by Typaldos [19].
Then the fibrotic fascial band of the trapezius is fully visualized (Figure 3).
The powerful all-rounder will have scans later in the day on what he believes may be a fascial tear, before discussing the results with Cricket Australia's medical staff and working out how best to prepare for the Brisbane Test, which starts on November 21.
A Valsalva maneuver as well as a watertight fascial closure was performed.
Fascial stretch therapy (FST) is sometimes called "fascial tissue stretching" or "myofascial release," and there are variations, such as fascia] training, which aim to exert these tissues with specific exercises to increase their elasticity, but all of the warm-up techniques under the main concept of FST are focused on the fascia, and the procedures can differ significantly from traditional static stretching.