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 (făs′ē-ā′shən, făsh′ē-)
1. The act of binding up or fastening, as with bandages.
2. The manner in which something is bound up or fastened.
3. Botany An abnormal flattening or coalescence of plant parts, such as stems.


(Botany) botany an abnormal flattening of stems due to failure of the lateral branches to separate from the main stem


(ˌfæʃ iˈeɪ ʃən)

1. the act of binding up or bandaging.
2. the process of becoming fasciate.
3. the resulting state.
4. an abnormality in a plant, in which a stem enlarges into a flat, ribbonlike shape resembling several stems fused together.
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Meanwhile, the world has watched with equal amounts of fasciation and horror as Lord Justice Levenson's inquiry into media ethics has laid bare the unsavoury tactics of not only one of the world's biggest media empires -