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1. A small bundle.
2. One of the parts of a book published in separate sections. Also called fascicule.
3. Botany A bundle or cluster of stems, flowers, or leaves.

[Latin fasciculus, diminutive of fascis, bundle.]

fas′ci·cled adj.
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Onion (Allium cepa L.) under the Liliaceae family is either a biannual or perennial plant, bearing semi-cylindrical leaves which emerged from a subterranean bulb and having fascicled, short, branched roots.
Through the arabesque, Poe "warns the reader on his own role as a person who gives the perspective and the direction" (Putz 2011: 45) (the directed "flow" of the images, of perspective, between the observed-circumference and the observer-center, the latter governing the direction of the "flow" of force lines of the images as a fascicled assemblage or bunch of rays), and on the fact that a story does not necessarily have a single meaning, instead it being susceptible to contain an entire multidimensional iridescent spring of possible meanings.
Lithophytic rosulated herbs, to 2.3 m high; leaves glaucous, conic-cylindrical at the apex, sheaths pale brown on the adaxial surface, dark brown on the abaxial one; pistillate inflorescences twice branched; staminate inflorescences twice or thrice branched, with apparently fascicled racemes; staminate and pistillate flowers pale green coloured, filaments in the male flowers 3.2-3.5 mm long, anthers 4.2-4.5 mm long, green; capsules papyraceous, ovoid, ca.