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 (fə-sĭk′yə-lĭt) also fas·cic·u·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
Arranged in or formed of fascicles; fascicular.

fas·cic′u·late·ly adv.
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(fəˈsɪk yə lɪt, -ˌleɪt)

also fas•cic′u•lat`ed,

fas•cic`u•la′tion, n.
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In the fasciculate root system of this vegetation type, fine roots generally grow intensively, also in the sub-surface layers, mainly to a depth of 0.40 m, accumulating soil organic carbon (SOC) by the turnover process (JOBBAGY; JACKSON, 2000; CARVALHO et al., 2010).
The adenohypophysis constituted 80% of the volume of the hypophysis with fasciculate or irregular anastomosing reticulum, less connective tissue and affluent blood sinuses present.
Rye has a fasciculate and dense root system that develops to depths of up to 122 cm, dry matter with high C : N ratio (average of 30.5), and average dry matter of 4.5 Mg [ha.sup.-1] (Weaver 1926; Lima Filho et al.
The steroid hormones analyzed included pregnenolone, 17a-hydroxyprogesterone, and corticosterone, which are produced in the zona glomerulosa (ZG) and zona fasciculate (ZF), as well as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), androstenedione, and free testosterone of the zona reticularis (ZR) of the adrenal cortex.
Caption: Figure 1: Macroscopically, this polyp appeared white, fibrous, fasciculate (glandular component, double arrow), and focally yellow (one arrow).
ACTH leads to the release of cortisol from the zona fasciculate of the adrenal gland, which causes the negative feedback on the secretion of CRH and ACTH.
After MNPs were incorporated into Crithidia fasciculate, Grazu et al.
The antimicrobial properties of geopropolis from other bee species have been described in other studies with Melipona fasciculata [2, 63], Melipona orbignyi [7], Melipona scutellaris [10, 11], and Melipona mondury [64], as well as the subspecies Melipona compressipes fasciculate [65].
This fact can be related to the greater distribution of roots promoted by the millet in the system, in comparison to sunn hemp and fallow, for being a grass species and having a fasciculate root system.
The inner layer of cortex was the reticular zone, associated with medullar region; fasciculate zone was in the middle; and, the outer layer of cortex was glomerular zone, which was associated with the capsule of organ.
The reduction in cholesterol during the third week of the study may have caused the atrophy of the zona fasciculate and zona articularis seen in this study as hormonal production activity may have been affected.