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v. fas·ci·nat·ed, fas·ci·nat·ing, fas·ci·nates
1. To capture and hold the interest and attention of. See Synonyms at charm.
2. Archaic To deprive of the ability to escape or move, usually by the power of a look. Used of serpents.
3. Obsolete To bewitch.
To capture and hold someone's interest and attention.

[Latin fascināre, fascināt-, to cast a spell on, from fascinum, an evil spell, a phallic-shaped amulet.]


attracted and delighted


If you are fascinated by something or fascinated with it, you find it very interesting.

He was fascinated by films as a child.
He became fascinated with their whole way of life.

You can also say that you are fascinated by a person.

At first Rita was fascinated by him.

You do not use words such as 'very' or 'extremely' in front of fascinated. If you find something very interesting indeed, you can say that you are absolutely fascinated or deeply fascinated by it.

Dr Shaw had been absolutely fascinated by a print on her wall.
He was deeply fascinated by war.
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Adj.1.fascinated - having your attention fixated as though by a spellfascinated - having your attention fixated as though by a spell
enchanted - influenced as by charms or incantations


adjective entranced, charmed, absorbed, very interested, captivated, hooked on, enthralled, beguiled, smitten, bewitched, engrossed, spellbound, infatuated, hypnotized, under a spell I sat on the stairs and watched, fascinated.


[ˈfæsɪneɪtɪd] ADJfascinado
to be fascinated with sthestar fascinado por algo


[ˈfæsɪneɪtɪd] adj [person] (by sight, spectacle)fasciné(e)
to be fascinated by sth/sb → être fasciné(e) par qch/qn
As a child I was fascinated by history
BUT Quand j'étais petit l'histoire me fascinait.
to be fascinated with sb/sth → être fasciné(e) par qn/qch
References in classic literature ?
During one of the brief calls he made, he artfully led the conversation to music, and talked away about great singers whom he had seen, fine organs he had heard, and told such charming anecdotes that Beth found it impossible to stay in her distant corner, but crept nearer and nearer, as if fascinated.
As he strode along, he leaned over, listening--absorbed, fascinated.
Yes, and he says that Fairfax--I think it's Fairfax--is equally fascinated with ME.
The moon made the night extraordinarily penetrable and showed me on the lawn a person, diminished by distance, who stood there motionless and as if fascinated, looking up to where I had appeared--looking, that is, not so much straight at me as at something that was apparently above me.
But there was no time for shuddering, for now the savage went about something that completely fascinated my attention, and convinced me that he must indeed be a heathen.
Abashed glances of servile wonder were exchanged by the sailors, as this was said; and with fascinated eyes they awaited whatever magic might follow.
It was all so very businesslike that one watched it fascinated.
In her play-hours, she invariably had every child in the establishment at her heels, open-mouthed with admiration and wonder,--not excepting Miss Eva, who appeared to be fascinated by her wild diablerie, as a dove is sometimes charmed by a glittering serpent.
So they took it, hand- ling it as cautiously and devoutly as if it had been some holy thing come from some supernatural region; and gently felt of its texture, caressed its pleasant smooth surface with lingering touch, and scanned the mysterious characters with fascinated eyes.
Gallery in London, and soon became so fascinated with the
Returning, I had to cross before the looking-glass; my fascinated glance involuntarily explored the depth it revealed.
As the road-mender plied his dusty labour, and the hail-clouds, rolling away, revealed bright bars and streaks of sky which were responded to by silver gleams upon the landscape, the little man (who wore a red cap now, in place of his blue one) seemed fascinated by the figure on the heap of stones.