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1. One that fascinates.
a. A woman's headscarf.
b. A hat or headband lavishly decorated with feathers, flowers, or other adornments and often worn on a slant.


(Clothing & Fashion) a lightweight, decorative head covering worn by women on formal occasions


(ˈfæs əˌneɪ tər)

1. a person or thing that fascinates.
2. a woman's head scarf of crochet work.
[1740–50; < Late Latin]
fascinate, fascinator - Fascinate is derived from Latin fascinare, "to bewitch or enchant," and a fascinator was a magician.
See also related terms for magician.


A lightweight scarf, usually knitted or crocheted out of lace, and used as a lady’s headgear.
References in classic literature ?
Had I not seen, at a morning concert, the demdest little fascinator in all the world, and while that little fascinator is my wife, may not all the countesses and dowagers in England be--'
Accessorise with neutral heels and clutch bag but add a touch of flair with this sculptural circular fascinator.
We teamed the showstopping Bickham dress with a hot pink fascinator, chic clutch and statement earrings.
A self-described "hobbyist hattist" Michelle made the leopardprint fascinator herself and said she was "really happy" to have won after being chosen from the 10 finalists.
Monika rose gold diamante and pearl embellished mid heel sandal, Dune HATS Jullie hat, Phase Eight Daisy weave fascinator, Coast Biba jewelled floppy hat, House of Fraser Greta statement split disc hatinator, Accessorize Quiz black bow curl fascinator, Debenhams
Shirt, PS120, Ghost; skirt, PS159, Coast; bag, PS55, Dune; shoes, PS18, Peacocks Fascinator, PS25, Accessorize; dress, PS59, M&S Collection; shoes, PS80, Dune
Black and white fascinator, PS25, M&S Navy with chiffon layer, PS99, Phase Eight at House of Fraser.
Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter brought her sartorial style to the races in a long burgundy coat and a cream fascinator as she joined the other spectators.
Use these picks for inspiration and don't forget to top it all off with a fascinator to be race ready
Technically there is no such thing as a fascinator or hatinactor.
Fascinate Me raises money for cancer charities and came about when Coventry mum Rachel Wheway, losing her hair through chemotherapy treatment, decided to brave it out and wear a fascinator instead of a wig.