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1. One that fascinates.
a. A woman's headscarf.
b. A hat or headband lavishly decorated with feathers, flowers, or other adornments and often worn on a slant.


(Clothing & Fashion) a lightweight, decorative head covering worn by women on formal occasions


(ˈfæs əˌneɪ tər)

1. a person or thing that fascinates.
2. a woman's head scarf of crochet work.
[1740–50; < Late Latin]
fascinate, fascinator - Fascinate is derived from Latin fascinare, "to bewitch or enchant," and a fascinator was a magician.
See also related terms for magician.


A lightweight scarf, usually knitted or crocheted out of lace, and used as a lady’s headgear.
References in classic literature ?
Had I not seen, at a morning concert, the demdest little fascinator in all the world, and while that little fascinator is my wife, may not all the countesses and dowagers in England be--'
EVERY so often, for weddings usually, I'm confronted by the need to buy a hat or fascinator.
Nicole Richie even sported a cat ear fascinator at the fashion website Who What Wear and Cadillac's '50 Most Fashionable Women of 2013' event.
Fascinator, Debenhams; dress, Gucci; coat, ASOS; shoes, Christian Louboutin; handbag, Chanel Code: 050413RaceFash-34 Rebecca Butler, 33, from West Derby.
Mr WHIPPY Ice cream fascinator complete with wafers and chocolate flake pounds 90 FEATHERED FRIEND Carnival bird fascinator, pounds 62 ALL WHITE White polka dot bridal pillbox hat, pounds 65 TINKLE THE IVORIES Grand piano fascinator, pounds 69 WATCH THE BIRDY Leather swallow fascinator, pounds 21 FLOWER POWER Giant flower fascinator, pounds 28
It's somewhere in between a fascinator and a more traditional Royal Ascot hat, isn't it?
Fascinator pounds 29 from House of Fraser Picture by IAN COOPER
I am particularly fond of this little black fascinator, which bares an uncanny resemblance to one worn by Paris Hilton.
It's nice to see a young royal who is actually making a fashion statement and not wearing the pretty little gloves with a pretty little fascinator.
And if you don't want to go the whole hog, think about wearing a fascinator instead.
Younger women often go for a fascinator as they're light and suit their delicate outfits.