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1. One that fascinates.
a. A woman's headscarf.
b. A hat or headband lavishly decorated with feathers, flowers, or other adornments and often worn on a slant.
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(Clothing & Fashion) a lightweight, decorative head covering worn by women on formal occasions
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(ˈfæs əˌneɪ tər)

1. a person or thing that fascinates.
2. a woman's head scarf of crochet work.
[1740–50; < Late Latin]
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fascinate, fascinator - Fascinate is derived from Latin fascinare, "to bewitch or enchant," and a fascinator was a magician.
See also related terms for magician.
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A lightweight scarf, usually knitted or crocheted out of lace, and used as a lady’s headgear.
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'Had I not seen, at a morning concert, the demdest little fascinator in all the world, and while that little fascinator is my wife, may not all the countesses and dowagers in England be--'
The musicians hurried to their instruments, the dancers-some already half-muffled for departure-fell into line down each side of the room, the older spectators slipped back to their chairs, and the lively young man, after diving about here and there in the throng, drew forth a girl who had already wound a cherry-coloured "fascinator" about her head, and, leading her up to the end of the floor, whirled her down its length to the bounding tune of a Virginia reel.
"Many women are going for a hatinator, which is a little bigger than a fascinator - a little less traditional than a hat.
The orange shoes and bag pick out the details in the dress, then match a bright lip colour with your fascinator.
A fascinator is a headpiece that is usually worn in the place of a hat.
Ladies Day is also of the biggest events of the fashion calendar, with winner of the Ladies Day Style Award Sue Moon driving away in a brand new [pounds sterling]35,000 Range Rover Evoque for her bright yellow frock and chic black fascinator.
Charlotte Hawes > Ladies hang onto their hats as they turn a corner into the strong winds on Ladies Day at Aintree Racecourse yesterday Alan Crowhurst o rday whurst > Karen Bettany models her flamingo fascinator
In 2006, Bowles attended her daughter Laura's wedding in a swirling fascinator in mint green color.
Pair with bright red shoes and bag with an oversized fascinator to really wow.
VVFASCINATORS get the boot Christmas comes but once a year, unless you are a hat maker when you can count on an extra week of festivities in high summer - just don't mention the word fascinator.
Cash" TV's Piers Morgan indicates he is an unlikely contestant on Strictly Come Dancing "That dreaded word fascinator. It sounds like a dodgy sex toy.