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1. often Fascist An advocate or adherent of fascism.
2. A reactionary or dictatorial person.
1. often Fascist Of, advocating, or practicing fascism.
2. Fascist Of or relating to the regime of the Fascisti.

[Italian fascista, from fascio, group; see fascism.]

fas·cis′tic (fə-shĭs′tĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.fascistic - relating to or characteristic of fascism; "fascist propaganda"
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'Now, again, in pursuit of this fascistic vision, the BJP has set off a crisis with truly global implications, while making yet another victim out of the rules-based international order, human rights and the sovereign will of the Kashmiri people.
The software has already been proven to be racially biased, and the last thing an increasingly fascistic law enforcement culture needs are further tools for mass surveillance." [Reference Link]:[https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1V-uKklBicBgY-TCKPkWY9dJ_iZDWU93G_frsR6yzv3M/mobilebasic]
Fascistic methods have been used to crush democratic opposition through violence and authoritarian laws.
The chief business columnist for the Independent, a British news site, recently raised the question of whether outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May was displaying fascistic tendencies.
Fascistic zealots wrapping themselves in the flag are homegrown echoes of the enemies we fought in the past to preserve our way of life.
The demagoguery in this case was in the service of an irrational, incoherent, and even fascistic way of managing fears.
Islamabad -- The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir People's Freedom League, Mohammad Farooq Rehmani has lambasted Indian order banning Jamaat-e-Islami of occupied Kashmir and closing its offices, education institutions and even private residential houses as fascistic tactics towards drive against the religious freedom and Islamic teachings.
(https://www.telesurenglish.net/opinion/The-Contemporary-Jewish-Dilemma-Adopt-or-Reject-Zionism-and-White-Supremacy-20171207-0010.html) Zionists syncretized many white supremacist, antisemitic, messianic and fascistic racialized dogmas and were thus overwhelmingly unpopular among most Jews, who viewed the ideals of the enlightenment-emancipation, equality and integration - as their target.
This was a fascistic outburst, extolling extreme nationalism, claiming Greek racial superiority and inciting racial hatred and homophobia.
It goes beyond any immediately affected state and alerts us all to fascistic threats against a common democratic destination, and the basic right of free choice of political paths towards its attainment.
Unfortunately, these are not the only Trump policies with a fascistic twist, neither is the USA the only country affected.
Organized in two parts, "Speaking to America" and "Speaking for America," the collection contains personal essays on the election's emotional impact, fictional explorations of possible futures in an increasingly fascistic society, poetry about personal and national identity, and much more.