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a. Conforming to the current styles or trends; stylish: a fashionable wardrobe.
b. Adopting or setting current styles or trends: a fashionable artist.
2. Associated with or frequented by stylish or trend-setting people: a fashionable hotel.
A stylish person.

fash′ion·a·bil·i·ty, fash′ion·a·ble·ness n.
fash′ion·a·bly adv.
Synonyms: fashionable, chic, in1, sharp, smart, stylish, swanky, trendy
These adjectives mean in accordance with the current fashion: a fashionable restaurant; a chic dress; the in place to go; a sharp jacket; a smart hotel; stylish clothes; a swanky apartment; a trendy neighborhood.
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(which was that of a comparatively stationary universe visited occasionally by convulsions of change) had some rather faddy fashionableness at Oxford, and got so far as to be named "Catastrophism".
(Wu and Ward, 2018) Social networking applications on smartphones have acquired far-reaching fashionableness for relationship initiation, constitution, and continuance.
The swift advance of the Internet of Things and the fashionableness of wearable devices have brought about personalized health care, raising healthcare access and customization.
This is a rather exceptional concept of fashion, which claims that real fashionableness requires a meta-discourse about lies of fashion.
In contrast, fashionableness is not elite: trench coats and dinner parties, for example, need not have much in common qua being fashionable.
Furthermore, social media is likely to continue to entice individuals to purchase goods such as handbags that would elevate their social status and improve their fashionableness.
These collections boast lovely prints and heavily embroidered front back lawn and sequins, laces and embroidery on necklines, borders, sleeves and digital printed dupatta's with trousers and cigarette pants that define fashionableness in the current fashion stretch.
Clearly it postdates September 1598 since it alludes to Meres's mention of Munday as 'our best plotter' but not by too many years or this topical reference would lose its effectiveness, as would the references to the fashionableness of humours plays.
The next two investigate tensions between ideas of fashionableness, health, and Britishness.
Yet, it would seem that the fashionableness of countercyclical fiscal policy is, well, countercyclical.
He signed off in a letter to Omega supporters: 'The Idol is still Prettiness, with its mid-Victorian languish of the neck, and its skin of "greenery-yallery", despite the Post-What-Not fashionableness of its draperies.' Attacking a Bloomsbury 'family party of strayed and Dissenting Aesthetes', he saved the worst stab until last for Roger Fry --'the Pecksniff-shark, a timid but voracious journalistic monster, unscrupulous, smooth-tongued and, owing chiefly to its weakness, mischievous'.