fast forward

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n. or fast forward
1. A control mechanism on an audio or video player that permits rapid advancement of a recording.
2. The state of being in rapid advancement or progression, as of a film or a sequence of events: "The trial was on fast forward" (Nelson DeMille).
v. fast-for·ward·ed, fast-for·ward·ing, fast-for·wards
1. To advance an audio or video recording rapidly.
2. To think ahead to a later time or stage in a sequence of events.
1. To advance (an audio or video recording) rapidly.
2. To speed up the progression of (a sequence of events).
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avance rapide
hitro vrtenje naprej

fast forward

A. N (also fast forward button) → botón m de avance rápido
B. VTpasar para delante, adelantar
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Manuel nudged Dan, who darted to the after-tackle, and, leaning far overside, slipped the hook into the stern-rope as Manuel made her fast forward. The others pulled gallantly and swung the boat in - man, fish, and all.
Fast Forward Marketing provides online marketing, advertising and promotional services for small businesses.
"Fast Forward aims to strengthen the role of education in addressing and preventing this often hidden risk-taking behaviour.
Lisa McCarthy, CEO of Fast Forward Group (Opens Overlay), recently shared practical advice for answering "yes" to those rhetorical questions.
The new Fast Forward Process demonstrates the power of cross-business development and revolutionises gelatine gummy production.
You can capture a short Motion Still with a single tap like a photo, or condense a longer recording into a new feature we call Fast Forward," Google notes in its official blog
Even so, "Fast Forward," curated by Jane Panetta with Melinda Lang and drawn entirely from the Whitney's collection, reminded us, if a little uncertainly, that the politics of the new painters were not always collector-friendly.
And the firm says: "The new fast forward booth will allow for a customer to pull forward to a third booth, if there is a small delay in the order, rather than driving through to the grill bays.
Fast Forward is a workshop-driven approach designed to align the brand and business strategy.
One of the ways they do this in MS research is through Fast Forward, the Society's version of what many of us know as a venture capital fund.
"I'm going home now to fast forward the game and watch the save again.

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