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Para 'yung fast lane talagang mabilis, hindi nag-aagawan, para 'yung motorcycle hindi nakikipagpatintero sa mga mabilis na sasakyan,' he said.
Mark Louie Atanque, Provincial Dengue Program coordinator of Capiz said that the "dengue fast lane" of the said hospitals and RHU has a free Rapid Diagnostic Test for insufficient information to determine the patient's dengue infection.
Thus, it saw a need to facilitate the transition and has decided put up this July several FAST Lane kiosks at its Head Office at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City as well as its satellite offices in Metro Manila and its Extension Offices located in key cities of the country.
The post Fast Lane recognised as Cisco's 'Learning Partner of the year' appeared first on Reseller Middle East.
Josef Miskulnig, founder and CEO of Fast Lane. "With businesses in the Middle
Currently, only heavy trucks and campers are required to get out of the fast lane if they're not passing another vehicle.
The accident took place on Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, when the four-wheeler driven by the deceased crashed into a heavy truck, which had stopped suddenly in the fast lane.
Only last night I saw a SSFC cruiser in the fast lane going a speed of 100 to 110kmph, followed by a car flashing it's hi beams at the SSFC, forcing them to move over.
9What is your opinion on the recently passed law which fines drivers who tailgate or hog the fast lane? We asked at Age Well in Amlwch
Fast Lane said that the acquisition of represents the first sale from the company's portfolio of web companies.
LIFE IN THE FAST LANE: Boost your Fan meter for the chance to buy shiny new cars
Yahya Al Nasri, a government employee says, Eoe1/4EoMany times, I have seen some taxi drivers drive break-neck speed on the fast lane to reach their customers on time, and some even are pressurised by the customers to speed up and reach them fast.Eoe1/4A[yen] He further said, Eoe1/4EoWhen I see some of these buses and taxi drivers, I avoid using fast lanes, and give them way to go because if I donEoe1/4aot, his taxi car will bump into mine.Eoe1/4A[yen]

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