fasten down

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w>fasten down

vt sepfestmachen
References in classic literature ?
Clare; "put on the steam, fasten down the escape-valve, and sit on it, and see where you'll land."
The youth now hastened to fasten down the chains to the ground by means of the enormous iron pegs which he had provided.
Fasten down roofs with hurricane straps or clips and install strong bolts at the top and bottom of exterior doors.
Fasten down loose outdoor equipment, machinery, stock and other debris, or move it indoors.
Skoda has fulfilled its Simply Clever mantra by throwing in all its practicality tricks - reversible bootfloor, flexible double loading floor and the option to fasten down cargo to stop it sliding around.
To install, crews remove the old crossing, lay a new bed, put the precast units into place, re-install the rail into the recesses, bolt center pieces, and fit/ fasten down the rails and settings.
After applying the antiseize, use a breaker bar or torque wrench on the barrel nut to fasten down the barrel to either tight snugness or the recommended torque.