fasten onto


w>fasten onto

vi +prep obj (fig) to fasten onto somethingsich in etw (acc)verbeißen
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Fold the edges neatly, then fasten onto the wood using a tack gun.
WUNDERBROW contains an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers, combined with specifically treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair.
These lipids fasten onto a molecule called a receptor on the surface of microglial cells.
Labels4Kids Infoband ID Bands AN identification wristband (PVC and latex-free) that parents write their contact details on and fasten onto the child's wrist with a safety catch.
Defining this common ground is the heart of politics, and requires leaders to express their philosophy, often repeatedly, so that people can fasten onto the ideas, and if the citizenry is politically involved, the ideas will move into their own thinking and actions.
Velcro consists of pieces of fabric covered with little hooks that fasten onto strips covered with tiny loops.
Distanced from the poverty of their parents and assimilated to American culture they fasten onto immigrant tales and seem to write in diminuendo about their own experiences.
The home troops then set up another surge, but Lome Fa'atau was unable to fasten onto a pass from Sam Pinder.
Does the hook end fasten onto something in the trigger assembly, or does it just lay where it hits?
fell into my hands this summer, I started leafing through some early pages in strictly morbid curiosity; hoping to perhaps fasten onto quick snippets of hokey dialogue like those which make the Robert Taylor/Deborah Kerr film version so howlingly funny.
And it is not uncommon for human beings to fasten onto and enshrine the least relevant end of a practice.