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Noun1.fat person - a rotund individualfat person - a rotund individual      
large person - a person of greater than average size
scrag, skin and bones, thin person - a person who is unusually thin and scrawny
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Behind them, inconspicuous as a cat, ambled a small fat person who looked like a lawyer's tout.
One of the biggest challenges remains the assumption a thin person is somehow healthier than a fat person.
If Donald Trump can be president, why can't I be king?" EastEnders star Danny Dyer To be honest, dinner conversations were the worst bit about being a child and listening to the boring people around me" The Duke of Sussex "I must be an anorexic because an anorexic looks in the mirror and sees a fat person" Comedienne Jo Brand "The human race should just slow down and think about what it is doing" Michael Palin
I often say I'm a fat person trapped inside a skinny person's body - that's the best way for me to get it through to them.
Uma professora de ingles foi consultada para discutir as duvidas com relacao aos itens que geraram compreensao insatisfatoria e melhores traducoes de alguns termos como a palavra sinful (em Being fat is sinful), e a expressao can't believe (em I can't believe someone of average weight would marry a fat person).
She further elaborated on the concept with light boxes that portrayed how people might assume an x-ray of a fat person. Through her art, Ms Shuja portrays the torment and the specific effect of hatred directed at an overweight person's emotions and conduct.
"When I search keywords such as 'a fat person,' or 'a fat woman,' I see much content that refers to these words with disgust or hatred," said a 29-year-old woman who used to weigh 99.7kg, before losing 42kg.
You feel them violently shift in their seat next to you on an airplane because they got stuck sitting next to the fat person. This is pure hatred from people based on you solely existing as a person of size.
'A fat person that sits with crossed-leg will feel the muscles of the thigh rub more on themselves.
"InBody devices measure body water to determine the amount of muscle and fat person has in his or her body.
For the big, they can remark that he or she is plump like the python (koropoto bi oka), the one who is being fed by the community (eni ti gbogbo ilu nbo) They may also say "koropoto bi oka" (plump like the python), to show honor to the fat person This saying, an oriki, simply compares the size of the fat with that of a python.