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The strip of fat from the upper part of a side of pork, usually dried and salt-cured.
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(Cookery) the fat, usually salted, from the upper part of a side of pork
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the fat and fat meat from the upper part of a side of pork, usu. cured by salt.
[1700–10, Amer.]
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Noun1.fatback - salt pork from the back of a hog carcass
salt pork - fat from the back and sides and belly of a hog carcass cured with salt
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Amid the constant threats of the Russian soldiers, they wait for the return of Eva's son, Heinz, who has gone to Lithuania for bread and fatback.
We begin with lardo -- cured strips of fatback. It sounds wholly unappetizing, but thanks to Mukhin's exotic twist -- a refreshing bite of coconut -- we find ourselves enjoying it.
The Joey Negro - Remixed With Love Volume 3 has remixes of Earth Wind and Fire, The Fatback Band, Gladys Knight and The Pips all remixed in Joey Negro's inimitable disco house style.
In all cases, it seems the best versions have been ground with about 20-percent pork fatback. All these sausages work well, especially when grilled and then sliced thinly and stirred into the cooked rice, tomato and pepper mixture.
5 kg of fatback bacon, 1 kg of potatoes, 1 kg of apples and four beers.
Harrington distraction instrumentation was later noted to cause fatback syndrome, a term used to describe the iatrogenic kyphosis that can result from this instrumentation system.
Aptly named fatback comes from between back skin and muscle.
At 48 inches wide and 17 inches tall, MOmarsh's Fatback 7.5 is wide and short enough to get you across shallow water safely.
Located at 1231 West Northern Lights Boulevard, Speedway Cycles provides bicycles, including Fatback fattire bikes, and service such as tune-ups, maintenance, and installations, speedwaycyclesak.com
LIVERPOOL FATBACK BAND: The originators of the New York sound that has influenced so many are back and performing at the Liverpool Philharmonic on Friday, September 2.
Yes, I must admit through my strong loyalty to the wild waterfowling opportunity in the Central Flyway, there is nothing quite like a fatback greenhead snapping around to a comeback call and fluttering through the trees.
They brought baskets of food--fried chicken, and green beans cooked with fatback and new potatoes, and peach pie, and cornbread--to eat when they broke from work at midday.