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n. Slang
A stupid person.

fat′head′ed adj.
fat′head′ed·ly adv.
fat′head′ed·ness n.
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Adj.1.fatheaded - (used informally) stupidfatheaded - (used informally) stupid    
stupid - lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity
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adj (Brit inf) → dumm, blöd (inf)
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The Moronic balmy army, bumbles, fatheaded botham, all those in england who after this thrashing still cannot and will not say this aussie side are even good have totally got what they deserve." Sky TV's Ian Botham had predicted a 5-0 England victory ahead of the series, causing Christo ask: "Where is Botham the 'big mouth'?
And whereas the one from which I quoted deemed it necessary to tell us that no fewer than six shows were "the Musical", one I was looking at more recently had no truck with the fatheaded labelling that I had found attached to Chicago, Bad Girls, Footloose, Fame and Billy Elliot.
Paul Forbes (Sir Evelyn) is a worry: there is no need for a fatheaded Englishman to be camp as well.