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And along with this I had no desire for drink because I still believed in many things--in the love of all men and women in the matter of man and woman love; in fatherhood; in human justice; in art--in the whole host of fond illusions that keep the world turning around.
The urge of his awakened instinct of fatherhood was strong upon him.
I knew it was an uncurtained aperture in my friend's "machine-shop," and I had little doubt that he had resumed the studies interrupted by his duties as my instructor in mechanical consciousness and the fatherhood of Rhythm.
The next evening when Billy came home from work, Saxon caused him to know and undertake more of the responsibilities of fatherhood.
He had looked forward, with more anticipation than even he himself had realized, to the thrill which he had supposed fatherhood would bring, taking it entirely for granted that he would feel a bond with this small reincarnation of his own being, but after the first week of attempting to get interested in the unresponsive bundle that was his son, he decided the idea of a baby had certainly signified in his mind emotions which this tiny, troublesome creature, with a voice like a small-sized foghorn, did not cause to materialize.
But having known woman, and love, and fatherhood, and the belly-delights of eating, he had passed on beyond.
But, whilst they sleep within the consistory, Let us salute his reverend fatherhood.
Piolo Pascual shares details about John Lloyd Cruz, family !-- -- Jan Milo Severo ( - July 8, 2019 - 12:27pm MANILA, Philippines Kapamilya actor Piolo Pascual believes John Lloyd Cruz's fatherhood has changed the actor for the better.
Comedian Kevin Mwangi, popularly known as Shaniqwa, says he is enjoying fatherhood after his wife delivered a bouncing baby boy three months ago.
[USA], June 7 (ANI): Actor Kevin Hart who recently wrapped up shooting for the sequel to the 2017 hit film 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' is now working on a forthcoming film 'Fatherhood'.
The award, presented annually by the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative, recognizes men who are good fathers, have reached out and made a difference in the lives of youth, and have a demonstrated spiritual dimension to their lives.
Social work, family studies, and other scholars from Europe and Scandinavia provide 11 essays on researching fatherhood and fathers' everyday lives and experiences.