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 (fə-tĭd′ĭk) also fa·tid·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
Relating to or characterized by prophecy; prophetic.

[Latin fātidicus : fātum, prophecy, doom; see fate + dīcere, to say; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]
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(feɪˈtɪdɪk) or


rare prophetic
[C17: from Latin fātidicus, from fātum fate + dīcere to say]
faˈtidically adv
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(feɪˈtɪd ɪk, fə-)

also fa•tid′i•cal,

[1665–75; < Latin fātidicus]
fa•tid′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means:
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The biographical course of Vasile Cesereanu has turned into a nightmare with the interdiction of Greek Catholic cult by the communist regime in the fatidic year of 1948.
A fatidic capacity was implied, accurate future prediction regarded as the culmination of the cosmic poet powers.
CS expressed grave concern over the killing a minor innocent girl affected by the kite-string in Karachi and asked the Divisional Commissioners to submit recommendation for law making to curb this fatidic game.
Looking back, this seemingly innocuous game can be seen as a sinister foreshadow of the fatidic day, because when Lucy disappeared at noon, "Off to the side, in the woods, a raven was croaking, a hoarse single note" (123).
Kenny and Pearce remind their readers that understanding Brexit does not require to understand only UK politics since David Cameron pronounced in 2013 his fatidic Bloomberg Speech.
What happened next was telling as a fatidic August 2004 meeting between Hariri and Al Assad sealed the premier's fate and, perhaps, the country's too.
The platonic apprehension to the fatidic power of the poets' statements seems to endure and, ergo, the much-wanted clarification provided by the poet himself has stood unverified for too long a time.
The fatidic accents that restrained Socrates or egged on Joaneta Dare have degenerated with me to the level of something one happens to hear between lifting and clapping down the receiver of a busy party-line telephone.
That fatidic letter is part of the Jewish Museum Berlin's online exhibit, which throughout 2013 is placing a fascinating selection of "On-this-day-in- 1933" documents, photos, and explanatory texts related to the Nazis' drastic first steps in the Holocaust as part of their efforts toward Gleichschaltung, which was the forced alignment of all official aspects of the state with the Nazi Party.