fatigue crack

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Noun1.fatigue crack - a crack in metal resulting from metal fatiguefatigue crack - a crack in metal resulting from metal fatigue
crack, scissure, cleft, crevice, fissure - a long narrow opening
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Topics of the 23 papers include failure propagation in adhesive joint under cyclic bending, different methods for determining delamination initiation, a photoelastic coating technique for car suspension failure analysis, fatigue crack growth rate in a 19th century puddle iron, and fatigue damage analysis of offshore structures using hot spot stress and notch strain approaches.
Two to three pressurization cycles are expected per day, which can provide the driving force needed for fatigue crack growth (FCG).
In this capacity, he will be responsible for overseeing the operation of the Fracture Mechanics Test Lab and handling proposals for fatigue crack growth, fracture toughness, high-cycle fatigue and other testing performed by the department.
However, previous studies mainly focused on the effect of microstructure on the fatigue crack propagation and the remaining life of steel and weld joint using standard fatigue test and/or numerical simulation [18, 19].
By taking into account material degradation instead of one single major crack, continuum damage mechanics provides a sophisticated framework for the fatigue crack initiation analysis of metallic materials [1], while the fracture mechanics-based models are dominated approaches in simulating fatigue crack growth [2].
The knowledge about the variability analysis of fatigue crack growth rates is very important since the LEFM requires the definition of an initial crack, this is previous fatigue damage (Correia et al.
The hardness measured found well within ASTM standard on surface, however it shows higher hardness on the cross sectional area (Beach marks area) of crankshaft due to slip band intrusions/extrusions processing during fatigue crack growth propagation simultaneously [2].
Meanwhile, the initiation and propagation of fatigue crack for smooth surface components occupy the most part of service life [2].
Therefore, study on fatigue crack propagation behavior of RC structures strengthened with CFRP in hot-wet environment has important scientific significance.
[5] present a methodology for uncertainty quantification and model validation in fatigue crack growth analysis.