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Noun1.fatism - discrimination against people who are overweightfatism - discrimination against people who are overweight
discrimination, favoritism, favouritism - unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice
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Maturo, "Fatism, self-monitoring and the pursuit of healthiness in the time of technological solutionism," Italian Sociological Review, vol.
Another of Donald's celebrated double entendres, and no one complained about "fatism".
On fatism and sexism in TV and being the poster girl for big women..
Her story - which was shown on Inside Out on BBC1 in London last night, but you can catch it on iPlayer if you're interested - enraged one group of feisty and unapologetic big girls so much that they decided to appeal to London Mayor Boris Johnson for help reducing "fatism" in the big smoke.
But he does wonder whether reflexively flinging down the "race card" (broadened to include sexism, lookism, fatism, and every other -ism) has helped minorities or hurt them.
We should have done a little exercise.We were victims of fatism."