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v. fat·tened, fat·ten·ing, fat·tens
1. To make plump or fat.
2. To fertilize (land).
3. To increase the amount or substance of: fatten one's bank account.
To grow fat or fatter.

fat′ten·er n.


nDickmacher m
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Effect of dietary glutamine, glucose and/or sodium butyrate on piglet growth, intestinal environment, subsequent fattener performance, and meat quality.
SuKarne can boast the largest presence of any Mexican company in the global market for animal protein, as it is the fifth-largest supplier of beef in North America, and the third largest fattener of cattle in the world.
Domingo who is an accountant has proof to bolster his claim that he can make a profit of more than P5,000 per head of fattener that he raises to a weight of 90 kilos.
Plans include an increase in production of "chick fattener," upping production to 90 million chicks by year's end versus the 65 million it currently produces.
Monosodium glutamate or rat fattener, other flavor enhancers, preservatives, et.
Fed on organic wheat, soya and maize, plus sunflower seed and organic peas, Rhug's turkeys are finished with an oat fattener to make them plump and juicy.
Hog cholera was a worry - but not for farmers who bought Merry War Powdered Lye, "the best insurance against hog cholera, destroyer of worms and best hog conditioner and fattener the world has ever known.
A survey of Lawsonia intracellularis antibodies in fattener pigs in Argentina.
Ache, a 45-year old fattener, told Magharebia, "I think that the custom of Leblouh is indispensable.
But when they are moved off and bought by a fattener, he will be required to read the tags on all those individual lambs.
It's a tax which has become a very lucrative fattener of the Chancellor's wallet.
If the farmer was a beef fattener, as I understand he was, then it is not likely that there has been cattle moved to other farms.