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adj. fat·ti·er, fat·ti·est
1. Containing or composed of fat: fatty food; fatty deposits.
2. Characteristic of fat; greasy.
3. Derived from or chemically related to fat.
n. also fat·tie (făt′ē) pl. fat·ties Derogatory
A fat person.

fat′ti·ly adv.
fat′ti·ness n.
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Noun1.fattiness - having the property of containing fatfattiness - having the property of containing fat; "he recommended exercise to reduce my adiposity"
fatness, avoirdupois, blubber, fat - excess bodily weight; "she disliked fatness in herself as well as in others"
سَمْنَه، إحتواء على الدُّهن
feiti, fita


(fӕt) noun
1. an oily substance made by the bodies of animals and by some plants. This meat has got a lot of fat on it.
2. a kind of such substance, used especially for cooking. There are several good cooking fats on the market.
1. having a lot of fat on one's body; large, heavy and round in shape. He was a very fat child.
2. large or abundant. Her business made a fat profit; A fat lot of good that is! (= That is no good at all)
ˈfatness noun
ˈfatten verb
(often with up) to make or become fat. They are fattening up a turkey to eat at Christmas.
ˈfatty adjective
containing, or like, fat. This meat is very fatty.
ˈfattiness noun
ˈfat-head noun
a stupid person.
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A sort of corn soya riff on keema matar had none of the fattiness of the lamb version and, though again deftly spiced, was a touch too dry for my palate.
If it's a barbecue you're having then this flint-edged citrus bite of a lemon and lime wine will cut through the fattiness of a sausage.
The sharp, acid sweetness of the rhubarb cuts the unctuous fattiness of the duck.
The absence of significant changes in carcass weight, yield index and carcass yield grade between the treatments may be the result of body weight during slaughter and its effect on fattiness (Preston and Willis, 1974).
And the bubbles cut through the richness and fattiness in salume and other cured meats.
The only concrete evidence is found in Nirangestan 38, where *auuazdiia is glossed as an i nizeir ke pih vazdug nest "a meager one, who has no fat or vazdug," from which it would seem that vazduuara of body refers to fattiness.
In a Jeep jouncing behind a large, mooing herd, Belcampo's courtly farm manager, Mark Klever, explains that they're mainly Angus, but with a good percentage of smaller Wagyu, the Japanese breed known for its luxurious fattiness.
When paired with dried meat, those astringent beverages indeed counter the slippery sensation that goes with fattiness.
99, Marks & Spencer Super-value red from Argentina, full of deliciously bright cherry fruit, both red and black, juicy acidity and just enough tannin to cut through the fattiness of lamb or good sausages.
Excessive fattiness is precisely why, when caring for the critically ill in North America, glucose levels are tightly controlled with insulin--a procedure necessary even for those not thought to be diabetic.
He directed several acclaimed dramas explicit in their social awareness (Silent Love, 1986; My Dear Son, 1989), but even his ostensibly trivial comedies (Double Fattiness, 1988; The Wrong Couples, 1987) are rooted in themes of class disparities and familial togetherness.