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A salad made from toasted pita, cucumbers, tomatoes, mint, and other ingredients, often topped with a garlic-lemon dressing and flavored with sumac.

[Colloquial Levantine Arabic fattūš, of unknown origin.]
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"Armed men" at the entrance of a quarry belonging to tycoon Pierre Fattoush and his brother Nicolas, a former minister and lawmaker, "opened fire on us," Ain Dara Mayor Maroun Badr told AFP.
They also serve amazing savory dishes such as their Fattoush Salad, Pronto Pasta.
We skipped hummus (forgive me fellow foodies for I have sinned) but did order a fattoush salad for pre-game.
Soon enough, we were served the starter of our meal: the fattoush.
On the cards was a choice of traditional Arabic delicacies - lentil soup, crunchy Fattoush, crispy and spicy potatoes, grilled meats, pastas, Lebanese sausages, sweets and traditional beverages.
There will be live cooking stations that will rotate daily and will offer Falafel Sandwich, Shawarma, Saj and a Fattoush station.
The famous falafels are on the menu, along with salads to share, like the colourful roasted aubergine fattoush with radish, marinated cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate and gem lettuce.
Nadiya shows us how to make dishes for 'Nothing-In-The-House Days', including a Fruit Salad Fattoush, Ginger Rice with Spicy Chickpeas and Avocado Pasta with Peas.
Nadiya's Family Favourites BBC2, 8pm Former Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain demonstrates dishes for those times when it seems there is nothing in the house to eat, using leftovers and kitchen cupboard staples to make fruit salad fattoush, ginger rice with spicy chickpeas, avocado pasta with peas and mint, and carrot cake pakoras with a cream cheese dip.
We started with the fattoush salad and the pesto hummus from the cold mezza selection.
"This is what is currently happening through our attempts to facilitate dialogue over the wall construction issue." Berri has separately held meetings over the current situation on the local scene and the legislative elections with former minister Farid Haykal Khazen and MP Nicolas Fattoush. R.A.H.
Our party of four ordered a mix of hot and cold mezzes including moutabal, hummus with shawarma, and the quintessential fattoush plus a dish of spicy chicken liver.