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Foolish or silly, especially in a smug or self-satisfied way: "an era of delicious, fatuous optimism shaped by the belief that enough good will on the part of people like ourselves could repair anything" (Shirley Abbott). See Synonyms at foolish.

[From Latin fatuus.]

fat′u·ous·ly adv.
fat′u·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.fatuously - vacuously or complacently and unconsciously foolish


[ˈfætjʊəslɪ] ADVneciamente


[ˈfætjʊəslɪ] advstupidamente
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This time the opportunity presented what he fatuously termed to himself a "cinch.
She had turned to wave her hand before going into the house, and he was still smiling fatuously.
The little girl smiled fatuously, as though I were paying her compliments.
The wife of the "odious person" was witless and fatuously conceited.
Because he had been kind to me at school, when he was captain of the eleven, and I his fag, I had dared to look for kindness from him now; because I was ruined, and he rich enough to play cricket all the summer, and do nothing for the rest of the year, I had fatuously counted on his mercy, his sympathy, his help
It is regrettable to see an Arab and Islamic country call a seven-decade-old scar on the Islamic world's wounded body a 'side issue' and so fatuously fail to realize the simplest of world affairs, thus embarrassing itself and its people.
Under this fatuously self-defeating regime, the returns have migrated to large conglomerateurs and private-equity players who benefit from perfectly legal insider trading in every one of their investments.
If Obama's presence in the White House brought America's racial pathologies back into the open instead of proving we'd eradicated them, as his supporters once fondly if fatuously hoped, it's nonetheless true that younger white voters are now likely to think of their elders' racial prisms as real dinosaur stuff--and "Obama was not only the effect of a new, more progressive generation," as Chait somewhat awkwardly puts it.
THERE are, as we know, lies, damned lies and statistics and if you're looking for the next level of fatuously fictitious figures you could, perhaps, peruse the annual productivity report released by The Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
In brief, they stay in the Everglades out of an excessive privileging of human capacity: the capacity of the white overseers to predict disaster, the capacity of man-made edifices to contain the elements, and the belief, fatuously advanced by Tea Cake, that natural forces are subordinate to the agricultural market.
Whoever fatuously attempts to create a link between radical Islamist attacks and the current problems between Israel and the Palestinians is fooling himself, his people and international public opinion.
On the other hand, Nicholas Power was in attendance and unable to suppress an unrestrained sense of disgust for the frivolous antics of the white visitors--skittishly posing with infants between the enormous breasts of the Sugar Coated Mammy, or fatuously posing under the exposed two-foot length vulva of her gargantuan bare buttocks--causing him to exclaim impatiently: "You're recreating the very racism this art is supposed to critique.