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pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
The passage from the back of the mouth to the pharynx, bounded by the soft palate, the base of the tongue, and the palatine arches.

[Middle English, from Latin faucēs.]

fau′cal (-kəl), fau′cial (-shəl) adj.
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The oral cavity represents the entrance to the upper aerodigestive tract, which begins at the lips and ends at the anterior surface of the faucial arch.
Clinical manifestations in the head and neck area include fever and cervical lymphadenopathy, as well as exudate in the faucial tonsils and pharyngitis.
Persistent redness of anterior faucial pillars and palpable jugulodiagastric lymph nodes were the clinical signs for the inclusion in the study.
Mallampati score (visibility of the soft palate, uvula, and faucial pillars when the patient is asked to open his mouth and protrude his tongue as much as possible).The following four grades were noted:
The fibrotic bands in the buccal mucosa run in vertical directions, in the soft palate the fibrous bands radiate from the pterygomandibular raphe or the anterior faucial pillars and in the lips circular bands can be felt around entire rima oris.
The theory promulgated by a number of pedagogues, including me, is that when the zygomatic muscles elevate during inhalation, the shape of the vocal tract is altered, particularly in the faucial (velar region).
In advanced OSMF, oral mucosa becomes blanched and slightly opaque with appearance of white fibrous bands on buccal mucosa, lips, soft palate, faucial pillars and tongue.
Class I: faucial pillars soft palate and uvula were visualised; Class II: faucial pillars and soft palate were visualised;16 Class III: only soft palate was visualised; Class IV: only hard palate was visualised.
Sample of throat swab was taken with all aseptic measures by rubbing a sterile cotton stick on both faucial tonsils and posterior pharynx and the sample was cultured on blood agar media in the department of microbiology BSMMU.