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adj. fault·i·er, fault·i·est
1. Containing a fault or defect; imperfect or defective.
2. Obsolete Deserving of blame; guilty.

fault′i·ly adv.
fault′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.faultily - in an inaccurate manner; "these statements were faultily attributed to me"
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By selecting for his illustrations one feature from one lady and another from another, Messer Firenzuola builds up an ideal of the Beautiful Woman, which, were she to be possible, would probably be as faultily faultless as the Perfect Woman, were she possible.
For all his inherited size and strength he was, after all, only a little boy-- a frightened, homesick little boy--reasoning faultily from the meager experience of childhood.
The faultily constructed plowshares in use in some parts of France were unknown here, the hoe sufficed for the little field work that they did.
(45) The existing legislation was "faultily constructed" and had been approved during the war for sentimental and patriotic reasons.
There are too many people-who probably can act better than he does, but they have faultily and wrongly chosen to bury their talents in the earth of excuses.
And, Billauer's method has detected the morning and evening peak periods faultily. Figure 6 shows that K-means method has big error in detecting the morning peak period.
However, server S faultily decides that he/she is communicating with user [U.sub.i].
Scientific and historical evidence can be faultily extracted or badly preserved.
However, in this type of control reverse airflow through the RLD might occur as the OAD faultily approaches the closed position, in addition to poor fan energy performance (Seem et al.
The False detection represents that CH faultily detects a node as abnormal though that node is normal.
Herda demonstrated that nearly one-fifth of Finnish respondents faultily perceived Somalia to be the primary source of immigrants in Finland, rather than the correct answer: Russia.
imposed only for wrongs that are faultily committed." John Gardner,