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Being without fault. See Synonyms at perfect.

fault′less·ly adv.
fault′less·ness n.
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Noun1.faultlessness - the quality of being without an error or fault
correctness - the quality of conformity to social expectations
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It is the chill faultlessness of the man which is so depressing.
Suppliers of tractors, Including front loaders, Will always be shown to demonstrate faultlessness, Completeness, Suitability for operation and complete fulfillment of the required delivery characteristics according to contractually agreed conditions, Including training for the operator.
Even at 40, I believe he will be unbeatable, taking into consideration his previous faultlessness against 49 luskless rivals.
95) The faultlessness of a homicide turned on notions of crime prevention, public order, and punishment, rather than notions of human autonomy.
This article presents a novel strategy to account for two thoughts concerning disagreements about taste: (1) that they need not involve any substantive fault (faultlessness); and (2) that the faultlessness of a contrary opinion can be coherently appreciated from within a committed perspective (parity).
In ProofVerify, a public verifier will review the faultlessness of a testament reciprocated by the cloud.
The decision was based on an expert report assessing the financial records of the company, which had to confess that not a single misdeed was spotted and that this faultlessness may be seen as a deliberate act of covering up unlawful transactions.
As she aged, however, she was only met with disappointment because she was never able to equal the Virgin's faultlessness.
Doc boated a gorgeous walleye and held it for a while, and we both marveled at its fishy faultlessness.
Martin remade the same compositions over and again, laying waste to trials that did not approach faultlessness.
That said, just as with child soldiers, any honest assessment of what reintegration, redress, and transition actually entails cannot be based on convenient fictions of the helplessness, faultlessness, innocence, and cluelessness of the child pirates or, on the other hand, fictions as to their incorrigibility, pathology, and irredeemability.