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Of or relating to the geographic distribution of animals.

fau·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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(Zoology) of or relating to fauna or a faunist
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Yet, reliable, up-to-date spider species lists for the 50 United States are not available, because faunistic research declined (and lost funding) before the job was done (Crawford 1988).
Thanks also to Lloyd Bennett for sharing his Odonata faunistic information.
The relationship between sample stations is reflected by the position they display in factorial space; when the two stations were close to each other, they had more similar faunistic profiles (Frontier & Pichod-Viale 1993; Diaz-Castaneda et al.
Pages 89-103 in Ecological and faunistic research in preserves.
They are at the junction of four different biogeographical zones and contain 2,500 plant species, with at least 11 endemic species, with floristic and faunistic elements from the west, east, and north (the Himalayas) and the south (the Sunda strait region).
In 1957 and 1958, Manning was senior partner in two faunistic expeditions sponsored by the National Museum of Canada.
Data were analyzed using the software ANAFAU (Moraes & Haddad 2003), and the faunistic indices dominance, abundance, frequency, and constancy were obtained for each system.
The preparation of faunistic material was carried out by inhalation of volatile anesthesia.
Faunistic studies on Turkish Aquatic Coleoptera has been increased recently (Mart, 2009; Darilmaz and Incekara, 2011; Mart et al., 2014a, b; Yilmaz and Aslan, 2014; Darilmaz et al., 2015), but with further studies to improve our knowledge on Turkish water beetles, and filling gaps in our knowledge on diversity of water beetles more focus should be laid on little known and specific areas, places which are quite difficult to reach.