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 (fō′tĭl, fō-tœ′yə)
An upholstered armchair usually having sides that are open.

[French, from Old French faldestoel, of Germanic origin; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈfəʊtɜːɪ; French fotœj)
(Furniture) an armchair, the sides of which are not upholstered
[C18: from French, from Old French faudestuel, folding chair, of Germanic origin; see faldstool]


(ˈfoʊ tɪl; Fr. foʊˈtœ yə)

n., pl. -teuils (-tɪlz; Fr. -ˈtœ yə)
an upholstered armchair.
[1735–45; < French; Old French faldestoel < Frankish *faldistōl; see faldstool]


An upholstered armchair.
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Noun1.fauteuil - an upholstered armchairfauteuil - an upholstered armchair    
armchair - chair with a support on each side for arms
References in classic literature ?
Monsieur d'Artagnan," said the cardinal, sitting down on a fauteuil, "you have always seemed to me to be a brave and honorable man.
Already the cold sweat started on my brow, already I glanced back over my shoulder at the closed door, when, to my unspeakable relief, my eye, wandering mildly in the direction of the stove, rested upon a second figure, seated in a large fauteuil beside it.
During the time which Lord de Winter took to shut the door, close a shutter, and draw a chair near to his sister-in-law's fauteuil, Milady, anxiously thoughtful, plunged her glance into the depths of possibility, and discovered all the plan, of which she could not even obtain a glance as long as she was ignorant into whose hands she had fallen.
Then, when all were placed, he chose as his headquarters the ante-chamber, in which he found a large fauteuil, a lamp, some wine, some water: and some dry bread.
No one aiding her, for all were petrified, she sank back in her fauteuil, breathing a weak, trembling sigh.
He went home, and feeling rather tired--nursing a vengeance was, it must be confessed, a rather fatiguing process; it took a good deal out of one--flung himself into one of his brocaded fauteuils, stretched his legs, thrust his hands into his pockets, and, while he watched the reflected sunset fading from the ornate house-tops on the opposite side of the Boulevard, began mentally to compose a cool epistle to Madame de Bellegarde.
Apres les deux victoires l'IRT conforte son fauteuil de leader avec 40 points et le HUSA s'est replace pour se trouver seul dans son retroviseur (37 pts) alors que le Raja en difficulte lors de leurs dernieres sorties, se voient relegues a la troisieme place avec un total de 35 longueurs.
En decembre, lors du tirage au sort du Mondial-2018, a Moscou, il etait apparu en fauteuil roulant, entoure du president russe Vladimir Poutine et d'autres anciennes gloires du football comme l'Argentin Diego Maradona.
La lAaAaAeA@gende vivante du sprint (huit mAaAaAeA@dailles d'or olympiq onze aux Mondiaux) a refusAaAaAeA@ le fauteuil roulant qu'on lui proposai se relevant pAaAaAeA@niblement en se tenant derriAaAaAeA?
The classic version arrived in 1972 as the Fauteuil 300, invented by the French engineer and entrepreneur Henry Massonnet, who had devised its highly cost-effective, under-two-minute production cycle at his plastics factory.
Point de mire de la Chambre de l'Assemblee legislative de l'Ontario, le fauteuil du president combine symbole d'autorite et fonction tres concrete pour son occupant.
THE Weiss Louis XV fauteuil in cherry wood has an antique black finish, traditionally upholstered with silver and gold leaf details and is available with piping or decorative studs in various finishes, from www.