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 (fō′tĭl, fō-tœ′yə)
An upholstered armchair usually having sides that are open.

[French, from Old French faldestoel, of Germanic origin; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈfəʊtɜːɪ; French fotœj)
(Furniture) an armchair, the sides of which are not upholstered
[C18: from French, from Old French faudestuel, folding chair, of Germanic origin; see faldstool]


(ˈfoʊ tɪl; Fr. foʊˈtœ yə)

n., pl. -teuils (-tɪlz; Fr. -ˈtœ yə)
an upholstered armchair.
[1735–45; < French; Old French faldestoel < Frankish *faldistōl; see faldstool]


An upholstered armchair.
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Noun1.fauteuil - an upholstered armchairfauteuil - an upholstered armchair    
armchair - chair with a support on each side for arms
References in classic literature ?
He went home, and feeling rather tired--nursing a vengeance was, it must be confessed, a rather fatiguing process; it took a good deal out of one--flung himself into one of his brocaded fauteuils, stretched his legs, thrust his hands into his pockets, and, while he watched the reflected sunset fading from the ornate house-tops on the opposite side of the Boulevard, began mentally to compose a cool epistle to Madame de Bellegarde.
Monsieur d'Artagnan," said the cardinal, sitting down on a fauteuil, "you have always seemed to me to be a brave and honorable man.
Already the cold sweat started on my brow, already I glanced back over my shoulder at the closed door, when, to my unspeakable relief, my eye, wandering mildly in the direction of the stove, rested upon a second figure, seated in a large fauteuil beside it.
During the time which Lord de Winter took to shut the door, close a shutter, and draw a chair near to his sister-in-law's fauteuil, Milady, anxiously thoughtful, plunged her glance into the depths of possibility, and discovered all the plan, of which she could not even obtain a glance as long as she was ignorant into whose hands she had fallen.
Then, when all were placed, he chose as his headquarters the ante-chamber, in which he found a large fauteuil, a lamp, some wine, some water: and some dry bread.
No one aiding her, for all were petrified, she sank back in her fauteuil, breathing a weak, trembling sigh.
Ce lot comprend: Les Bureaux, fauteuils, siges, armoires.
Cette operation, impliquant toutes les collaboratrices et tous les collaborateurs de la banque, consiste a collecter des bouchons en plastique en vue de les echanger contre des fauteuils roulants destines aux personnes a mobilite reduite issues de milieux defavorises.
Depuis la Confederation, il y a eu jusqu'a 19 fauteuils du president en Ontario.
Les selections nationales algeriennes de handi-basket ont herite de groupes difficiles aux jeux Paralympiques de Rio, prevus en septembre prochain, apres le tirage au sort effectue au Bresil, a revele, hier, le site de la Federation internationale de basket-ball sur fauteuils (IWBF).
Les difficultes sont en rapport avec la presence de plusieurs marches a l'entree des etablissements publics, sans aucune rampe pour les utilisateurs de cannes ou bequilles et moins encore pour les utilisateurs de fauteuils roulants.
Frej a remis, au siege de la province d'Essaouira, des lunettes medicales a quelque 200 eleves malvoyants poursuivant leurs etudes dans differents etablissements scolaires de la province, des fauteuils roulants a des personnes handicapees, des effets vestimentaires a des enfants orphelins pensionnaires de ''Dar Attalib'' et des aides financieres a des personnes souffrant d'insuffisance renale.