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a hairstyle in which a strip of hair across the top of the head is longer and higher than the hair on the sides


A hairstyle in which the hair is longer or fixed in a ridge running from the forehead to the nape, and the sides of the head are not shaved.

[Blend of faux and mohawk.]
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While I am no fan of "faux" anything (if there's one sure way to make sure no one takes you seriously it is to sport a fauxhawk hairstyle) I think the faux suppressor version looks better, and secured one of those for testing.
To go undercover, Young grew a beard, donned glasses and dyed part of his hair to make an electric purple fauxhawk.
The tournament's poster boy with the dyed-blonde fauxhawk fractured a vertebra in his back during Brazil's 2-1 quarterfinal victory over Colombia on Friday.
And the rooster is a playful homage to her favorite lesbian fashion trend, the fauxhawk.
Forder, who has a fauxhawk, earrings, and bright hazel eyes, loves Lady Gaga, and shares a duplex with his morn and twin sister, was intimidated enough that he complied.
Sporting a black t-shirt with a long fauxhawk, FuRa's outfit evinces a feel from an MTV music video.
While some brace their kippot and dance, Seeb cuts loose beneath a crop of hair that stands somewhere on the border between a brohawk and a fauxhawk.
We suppose the kid with the fauxhawk in the yellow sack (J.
You'll all know the camp comic I'm referring to, everyone with access to Channel 4 that is, where he seems to appear in everything except the news in Welsh -and that's only because there is no word in Welsh for the male sex organ and, as we all know, it's written into Graham's contract that he must mention said anatomical part with a leer and nod of his fauxhawk hairdo (as in the former Beckham barnet) in every second sentence.
At 53, the flame-haired, black-pleather-wearing Streb--three parts muscle and sinew, one part hair mousse (to keep her fauxhawk haircut energized)--lives in a downtown New York loft with an Abyssinian cat (on permanent rat patrol) and the feminist journalist Laura Flanders.
During "Citizen/Soldier," which appeared late in the set, Arnold - who was rocking his fauxhawk and a T-shirt which had "U.
A few snapshots: A young man in sunglasses, sporting a fauxhawk, bid the house band to play something psychedelic (a bad sign), and then launched into a strangely captivating rap that cleverly incorporated lines by Edgar Allan Poe.