fava bean

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fa·va bean

1. An annual Old World plant (Vicia faba) in the pea family, having pinnately compound leaves, white flowers with lateral purplish blotches, and long thick pods.
2. The edible seed or green pod of this plant. In both senses also called broad bean, horse bean.

[Italian fava, from Latin faba; see bha-bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

fava bean

(ˈfɑːvə) or


1. (Plants) an erect annual Eurasian bean plant, Vicia faba, cultivated for its large edible flattened seeds, used as a vegetable
2. (Plants) the seed of this plant
Also called: broad bean
[C20: Italian fava from Latin faba bean]

fa′va bean`

(ˈfɑ və)
1. a bean, Vicia faba, of the Old World, bearing large pods containing edible seeds.
2. the seed or pod of this plant. Also called broad bean , horse bean.
[1940–45; < Italian < Latin faba]
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Noun1.fava bean - seed of the broad-bean plantfava bean - seed of the broad-bean plant  
broad-bean, broad-bean plant, English bean, European bean, field bean, Vicia faba, broad bean - Old World upright plant grown especially for its large flat edible seeds but also as fodder
bean - any of various seeds or fruits that are beans or resemble beans
2.fava bean - shell beans cooked as lima beans
shell bean - unripe beans removed from the pod before cooking
đậu tằm

fava bean

[ˈfɑːvəbiːn] N (US) → haba f

fava bean

n (US) → dicke Bohne, Saubohne f

fava bean

فول bob hestebønne Saubohne κουκί haba härkäpapu fève bob fava ソラマメ 잠두 tuinboon bønnevikke bób fava, feijão-fava конские бобы bondböna ถั่วชนิดหนึ่งเป็นผัก bakla đậu tằm 蚕豆
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Also, look for classic fish soup, chicken, and lamb recipes, as well as Artichoke and Fava Bean Barigoule.
For those of you who have never tried a fava bean before, now is your chance
Examples: among the hardiest seeds is that of the lotus whose 2000-year-old seeds once discovered were successfully sprouted; the popular fava bean carries both good and bad news&lt;--.
Then the waiter will show up with a tray of freshly made hum-mus; parsley tahini dip; labneh; watercress salad; falafel; eggplant in yogurt; fava bean salad; fattoush salad of tomatoes, sumac and grilled pita; and steaming hot pita bread.
In his Strawberry, Fava Bean, and Goat Cheese Salad (page 54 there are only a handful of ingredients.
The latest heavy rainfall has sped up the ripening process, says farmer Adnan al-Mohammad, so that the country's fava bean harvesting has kicked off in the southern parts of the country.
G6PD protects red blood cells form potentially harmful bio-products that can accumulate following usage of certain medications, such as Aspirin, Aantimalarias and Sulfanamids, ingestion of fava beans or inhalation of pollen of fava bean plant.
Full-color photography on virtually every page illustrates recipes such as La Bouillie (a hot cereal served in the African country of Chad), Kielbasa (a Polish smoked sausage), Ful Medames (a fava bean stew and one of Egypt's national dishes), and much more.
Amos said the secret of food in Aleppo lies in the small traditional restaurants, such as the shop of Abu Abdo, famous for more than 70 years for his ful (a fava bean dish) that is popular with all people of Aleppo and tourists.
Broad bean or fava bean - These meaty, strongly-flavoured beans have been around for ages, and they work well in side dishes, soups, or salads.
The all-natural, vegetarian papadums, which resemble potato chips, are made from fava bean flour and contain no trans fat or cholesterol.
Made with fava bean flour, they have twice the protein of other salty snacks, and 50 percent less fat than traditional potato chips.