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A shantytown or slum, especially in Brazil.

[Brazilian Portuguese, after the Morro da Favela, a ramshackle housing area constructed on a hill in Rio de Janeiro in 1897 by impoverished soldiers returning from the suppression of a separatist movement in northeast Brazil, after the Morro da Favela, literally, "hill of the favela," a hill in northeast Brazil fortified by the soldiers during the conflict, from favela, the Brazilian shrub Cnidoscolus quercifolius of the spurge family bearing seeds resembling fava beans, from diminutive of Portuguese fava, fava bean, from Latin faba; see bha-bhā in Indo-European roots.]


(in Brazil) a shanty or shantytown
[C20: from Portuguese]


(fəˈvɛl ə)

n., pl. -las.
a shantytown in or near a city in Brazil.
[1945–50; < Brazilian Portuguese]


A Portuguese word meaning shantytown, used especially in Brazil.
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Soldiers backed by armoured vehicles, aircraft and heavy engineering equipment, clear a road blockade as they take part in an operation in the violence-plagued favela of Vila Kennedy, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, yesterday.
Be part of this constant music evolution at Favela Club on Saturday and be prepared to give your night sleep a miss.
In Enemy Territory: The Units of the Pacification Police (UPP) in a Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Era uma noite de quarta-feira, quando a primeira autora deste artigo adentrou o teatro localizado em uma favela da Zona Sul.
Studex is uncompromising in commitment to quality and service," says executive vice president of sales and marketing Manny Favela.
Patrick Lourenco se crio en una favela carioca, donde a los tres anos perdio a su padre.
Even as billions tuned in to see the action this week, three men - suspected gang members who rule the city's favela slums - were shot dead by cops in a gun battle in north Rio.
Oficialmente, para el Instituto Brasileno de Geografia y Estadistica (1), favela es: un conjunto constituido de, por lo menos, 51 unidades habitacionales ocupando, o que haya ocupado hasta un periodo reciente terreno o propiedad alhena (publica o privada), dispuesto, en general, de forma desordenada y densa, en su mayoria, carentes de los servicios publico esenciales.
Born and brought up in the favela of Chapeu Mangueira, not far from Copacabana, and a former fisherman, he now runs an acclaimed restaurant on its edge.
In a Rio favela, residents transformed a dump with 20 years worth of garbage into a lush green park with ocean views.
Amid the favela graffitos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, two angels bearing the storied black and white stripes of the Toon Army have appeared, alongside the eternal slogan 'Toon Army'.