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n. pl. fo·ve·o·lae (-lē′) or fo·ve·o·las
A small fovea.

[New Latin, diminutive of Latin fovea, small pit.]


n, pl -lae (-ˌliː)
(Biology) biology a small fovea
[C19: from New Latin, diminutive of fovea]
foˈveolar adj
foveolate, ˈfoveoˌlated adj
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Hypostomus faveolus Zawadzki, Birindelli, and Lima, 2008, H.
faveolus really is a basal species for the genus, the possibility that the syntenic condition of the rDNA classes was lost early in the genus and then it reappeared due the apparent mobility of the rDNA on the genome must be considered as well.
Species Males Females Hypostomus 3 3 albopunctatus Hypostomus 4 11 ancistroides Hypostomus 4 1 cochliodon Hypostomus 0 1 commersoni 1 1 Hypostomus 7 2 faveolus Hypostomus 5 4 hermanni Hypostomus 5 6 regani Hypostomus 6 7 aff.