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 (fā′vər-ə-bəl, fāv′rə-)
1. Advantageous; helpful: favorable winds.
2. Encouraging; propitious: a favorable diagnosis.
3. Manifesting approval; commendatory: a favorable report.
4. Winning approval; pleasing: a favorable impression.
5. Granting what has been desired or requested: a favorable reply.
6. Indulgent or partial: listened with a favorable ear.

fa′vor·a·ble·ness n.
fa′vor·a·bly adv.


(ˈfeɪ vər ə bəl, ˈfeɪv rə-)

1. characterized by approval or support; positive: a favorable report.
2. creating or winning favor; pleasing: a favorable impression.
3. affording advantage, opportunity, or convenience; advantageous: a favorable position.
4. (of an answer) granting what is desired.
5. boding well; propitious.
[1300–50; Middle English < Anglo-French, Middle French < Latin]
fa′vor•a•ble•ness, n.
fa′vor•a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.favorable - encouraging or approving or pleasing; "a favorable reply"; "he received a favorable rating"; "listened with a favorable ear"; "made a favorable impression"
affirmative, affirmatory - affirming or giving assent; "an affirmative decision"; "affirmative votes"
complimentary - conveying or resembling a compliment; "a complimentary remark"
good - having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified; "good news from the hospital"; "a good report card"; "when she was good she was very very good"; "a good knife is one good for cutting"; "this stump will make a good picnic table"; "a good check"; "a good joke"; "a good exterior paint"; "a good secretary"; "a good dress for the office"
unfavorable, unfavourable - not encouraging or approving or pleasing; "unfavorable conditions"; "an unfavorable comparison"; "unfavorable comments", "unfavorable impression"
2.favorable - (of winds or weather) tending to promote or facilitate; "the days were fair and the winds were favorable"
propitious - presenting favorable circumstances; likely to result in or show signs of success; "propitious omens"; "propitious gales speeded us along"; "a propitious alignment of planets for space exploration"
unfavorable, unfavourable - (of winds or weather) tending to hinder or oppose; "unfavorable winds"
3.favorable - presaging or likely to bring good luck; "a favorable time to ask for a raise"; "lucky stars"; "a prosperous moment to make a decision"
propitious - presenting favorable circumstances; likely to result in or show signs of success; "propitious omens"; "propitious gales speeded us along"; "a propitious alignment of planets for space exploration"
4.favorable - inclined to help or support; not antagonistic or hostile; "a government friendly to our interests"; "an amicable agreement"
amicable - characterized by friendship and good will
5.favorable - occurring at a convenient or suitable time; "an opportune time to receive guests"
convenient - suited to your comfort or purpose or needs; "a convenient excuse for not going"


2. Occurring at a fitting or advantageous time:
3. Indicative of future success or full of promise:
5. Giving assent:
6. Disposed to favor one over another:


a. favorable; propicio-a.


adj favorable
References in classic literature ?
Accordingly he called for them, and on the way he told them all about Pudd'nhead Wilson, in order that they might get a favorable impression of him in advance and be prepared to like him.
Should her answer be favorable, the suit is accepted and the lover has to make further presents to the father, of horses, canoes, and other valuables, according to the beauty and merits of the bride; looking forward to a return in kind whenever they shall go to housekeeping.
He was a great friend of M'Dougal, and pleased with the idea of having so distinguished a son-in-law; but so favorable an opportunity of benefiting his own fortune was not likely to occur a second time, and he determined to make the most of it.
I will even wait for one, if necessary, and will make the balloon like a ship that casts anchor, until favorable breezes come up."
It was decided by the aeronauts that they would alight at the first favorable place.
He drew his rifle to his shoulder, but his position was not favorable to a successful shot; so that the first ball fired flattened itself on the animal's skull, as it would have done against an iron plate.
why should you thus, of your own accord, incur destruction and trust yourself in the house of your enemy?' The Stag replied: "Only allow me, friend, to stay where I am, and I will undertake to find some favorable opportunity of effecting my escape." At the approach of the evening the herdsman came to feed his cattle, but did not see the Stag; and even the farm-bailiff with several laborers passed through the shed and failed to notice him.
At what precise moment will the moon present herself in the most favorable position to be reached by the projectile?
Regarding question four , "At what precise moment will the moon present herself in the most favorable position, etc.?"
"These great depths," continued the lieutenant, "are not favorable for laying telegraphic cables.
The series of soundings taken by the Susquehanna, had for its aim the finding of a favorable spot for the laying of a submarine cable to connect the Hawaiian Islands with the coast of America.
* The combined ratio of 98.4 increased 0.3 points due to a higher underlying combined ratio (1.3 points) and lower net favorable prior year reserve development (1.0 points), partially offset by lower catastrophe losses (2.0 points).