favorable reception

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Noun1.favorable reception - acceptance as satisfactory; "he bought it on approval"
acceptance - the state of being acceptable and accepted; "torn jeans received no acceptance at the country club"
appro - an informal British abbreviation of approval; "he accepted it on appro"
References in classic literature ?
Charlie Sloane's slate pencil, gorgeously bedizened with striped red and yellow paper, costing two cents where ordinary pencils cost only one, which he sent up to her after dinner hour, met with a more favorable reception.
Isabel, at Miss Pink's intercession, was induced to accept her lover's excuses, and, in the event of her favorable reception by Hardyman's parents at the farm, to give her consent (not very willingly even yet) to hastening the ceremony which was to make her Hardyman's wife.
When he found his friend met with a favorable reception, he bestowed on him the command of twenty men, like himself, active, skillful and resolute.
Well, sir, as you are sheriff of the county, it becomes your duty to examine into the matter,” returned the smiling Marmaduke, “I perceive that Bess has executed her commission, and I hope it met with a favorable reception.
had bribed Lebanese officials for favorable reception of oil and gas tender bids.
NDC founded in 1998, as a pioneer manufacturer of Hot Melt Application Systems in Asia, NDC has won favorable reception &om customers for high quality, good service, strong manufacture capabilities and strict management system.
He pointed to the dynamics created by this initiative on the climate of relations between the different protagonists of the Libyan crisis and its favorable reception by the international spheres.
After having resigned as chair of PhilWeb and after having made several offers to Pagcor - all of which had been either rejected or ignored - Ongpin said it became obvious to him that while he remained a shareholder of PhilWeb, there's no chance that PhilWeb would be allowed any favorable reception on any proposal to Pagcor.
They allow more teams to offer support and favorable reception conditions to the welfare and development of children.
Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC's client roster has been the beneficiary of Mr Noda's fee-reduction program introduced earlier this year to favorable reception from both institutional and private clients.
We are pleased with the favorable reception to Warburg Pincus XII," said Charles R.
2015 in the hope of a more favorable reception by its new lineup.