favorable reception

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Noun1.favorable reception - acceptance as satisfactory; "he bought it on approval"
acceptance - the state of being acceptable and accepted; "torn jeans received no acceptance at the country club"
appro - an informal British abbreviation of approval; "he accepted it on appro"
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Charlie Sloane's slate pencil, gorgeously bedizened with striped red and yellow paper, costing two cents where ordinary pencils cost only one, which he sent up to her after dinner hour, met with a more favorable reception. Anne was graciously pleased to accept it and rewarded the donor with a smile which exalted that infatuated youth straightway into the seventh heaven of delight and caused him to make such fearful errors in his dictation that Mr.
Isabel, at Miss Pink's intercession, was induced to accept her lover's excuses, and, in the event of her favorable reception by Hardyman's parents at the farm, to give her consent (not very willingly even yet) to hastening the ceremony which was to make her Hardyman's wife.
When he found his friend met with a favorable reception, he bestowed on him the command of twenty men, like himself, active, skillful and resolute.
I like a favorable reception; it expands the countenance, and those around me do not then appear so ugly.
“Well, sir, as you are sheriff of the county, it becomes your duty to examine into the matter,” returned the smiling Marmaduke, “I perceive that Bess has executed her commission, and I hope it met with a favorable reception.” Richard glanced his eye at the packet which he held in his hand, and the slight anger produced by disappointment vanished instantly.
When I was well known to them, my old friend, who was as desirous as I myself that my life of melancholy loneliness should come to an end, spoke of my hopes and met with a favorable reception; but with the diplomatic shrewdness which is almost a second nature with men of the world, he was silent with regard to an error of my youth, as he termed it.
The carriers returned in 2018, hoping for a more favorable reception from the Trump administration.
The survey of 15 doctors data show favorable reception to Xpovio's clinical profile, with 75% respondents intending to write Xpovio for PR-MM within the next 12 months.
Were the DOJ to conclude that digital platforms are indeed part of the same market as TV, there is a greater likelihood that transactions previously questioned on antitrust grounds could see a more favorable reception from the DOJ.
In recent years, titles in the Dictionaries for the Modern Musician series have received favorable reception, and this recent volume by Stephen Siek is no exception.
had bribed Lebanese officials for favorable reception of oil and gas tender bids.