favourable reception

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Noun1.favourable reception - acceptance as satisfactory; "he bought it on approval"
acceptance - the state of being acceptable and accepted; "torn jeans received no acceptance at the country club"
appro - an informal British abbreviation of approval; "he accepted it on appro"
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Indeed, it seems likely that some such mark may shortly become necessary, since the favourable reception which two or three authors have lately procured for their works of this nature from the public, will probably serve as an encouragement to many others to undertake the like.
The book, therefore, appeared as an avowed continuation of the Waverley Novels; and it would be ungrateful not to acknowledge, that it met with the same favourable reception as its predecessors.
On the other hand, I have already said, that if any thing like a true picture of old English manners could be drawn, I would trust to the good-nature and good sense of my countrymen for insuring its favourable reception.
He therefore disposed himself to clear the way for the favourable reception of his friends, since he found that the unnatural coalition became necessary to secure the liberty, if not the lives, of the party.
The favourable reception of decaffeinated coffee in the international market owes largely to the millenarians who are instrumental in the beverage consumption market at global level.
However, when the ladies first arrived in Scandinavia they received a less than favourable reception from local people due to the colour of their uniforms.
Former Newcastle United midfielder Moussa Sissoko believes that the less than favourable reception he receives from Magpies fans simply spurs him on.
'We are pleased with the favourable reception to Warburg Pincus XII,' said Charles R.
The Ouya originally received a favourable reception, generating $8.6m ([pounds sterling]5.5m) in crowd-funding during its initial Kickstarter campaign, and an additional $15m in May to produce further units.
We have had a very favourable reception to the partnership -- crossover rewards -- that we just announced with Delta.
Formerly the Blues' youngest ever first-team player, the 21-year-old was never able to fully break into David Moyes' plans but hopes for a favourable reception from a travelling Toffees party of over 2,800 supporters.
Cole has not always been popular with England fans due to his off-field antics but Hodgson believes he deserves a favourable reception at Wembley.