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Noun1.feather ball - a low tuberculate cactus with white feathery spinesfeather ball - a low tuberculate cactus with white feathery spines; northeastern Mexico
cactus - any succulent plant of the family Cactaceae native chiefly to arid regions of the New World and usually having spines
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40cm feather ball pendant, PS35 Terrazzo floor base with cylinder shade, PS85 Brass dome headed table lamp, PS160 Light adjustable spider fitting, PS90 Arc task lamp, PS35 Arc cascade pendant, PS120 Bodhi single pendant, PS35 40cm feather ball tripod, PS40 BRAVE LADIES RAISING MONEY Macmillan support Macmillan Cancer Support is bringing back Brave The Shave where insanely courageous women have their entire bonce bared to raise money for one of our favourite charities.
Masirah Air Base came first in the swimming in the open waters and feather ball competitions.
Crop impaction resulting from feather ball formation in caged layers.
John Gourlay, the feather ball maker, and John Carey, arguably the most famous caddie in the history of golf, are also associated with Musselburgh Links.
Back to Black: Beaded black feather ball, pounds 4, House of Fraser.; Top Fun: Santa tree topper, pounds 5, Debenhams.; Make an Entrance: Silver twig & bauble wreath, pounds 20, John Lewis.; Love Is...: White wooden decoration, pounds 9.99, Confetti www.confetti.co.uk.; Shoe Heaven: Blue shoe decoration, pounds 2.50, Debenhams.; Cool as Ice: Frost sequin bauble, pounds 2.50, M&S.; Come Fly: Jewel Butterfly clip, pounds 2.50 for two, John Lewis.; Rockin' Robin: Bird bauble, pounds 4, House of Fraser.; Tally Ho!
Playing with a five-inch shuttlecock, teams use their feet, shoulders and chest to pass the feather ball between each other and over a net, trying to score points against an opposing side.
"They donated us with a signed jersey which we are donating to the Red Feather Ball, which will be held at the Burlington.
VALUE: Ceramics; pounds 500 -pounds 700; Lambeth Doulton pitcher; pounds 1,200-pounds 1,500; A Carrick track iron; pounds 1,000-pounds 1,200; Expert John Mullock with a long-nose club owned by Tom Morris; pounds 8,000-pounds 10,000; An early feather ball