feather one's nest

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Verb1.feather one's nest - enrich oneself by taking advantage of one's position; "The congressmen feathered his nest through his connection with big business"
enrich - make wealthy or richer; "the oil boom enriched a lot of local people"
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(ˈfeðə) noun
one of the things that grow from a bird's skin that form the covering of its body. They cleaned the oil off the seagull's feathers.
to line, cover or decorate with feathers. The eagle feathers its nest with down from its own breast.
ˈfeathered adjective
ˈfeathery adjective
1. of, like, or covered in, a feather or feathers. a feathery hat.
2. soft and light. a feathery touch.
a feather in one's cap
something one can be proud of. Winning the race was quite a feather in his cap.
feather one's (own) nest
to gain money for oneself or to make oneself rich while serving others in a position of trust. All the time he has been a member of that committee he has been feathering his own nest.


(nest) noun
a structure or place in which birds (and some animals and insects) hatch or give birth to and look after their young. The swallows are building a nest under the roof of our house; a wasp's nest.
to build a nest and live in it. A pair of robins are nesting in that bush.
ˈnestling (-liŋ) noun
a young bird (still in the nest).
ˈnest-egg noun
a sum of money saved up for the future.
feather one's (own) nestfeather
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