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A flat, usually narrow piece of wood or plastic having a series of close cuts made at an angle along a comblike edge, used to hold a piece of wood against a fence as the wood is pushed along a table saw or router.

[From the feathers (strips of wood or plastic) making up the comblike edge.]
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The converted shipping container will be finished both inside and outside with larch and featherboard cladding, and will have windows, doors and small shrubs planted in planters around the perimeter of the flat steel roof.
If you have to start from scratch, fence panels are the quickest option because each panel covers a large area, but closeboard fencing (also called featherboard or featheredge), where the fence is built up board by board, is more durable and bespoke.
To prevent this, use a featherboard to hold the wood tightly against the fence and prevent it from creeping back on the blade.
I feel it would be such an expression of contemporary free-thought, to have, for example, a six-foot run of featherboard propped up with old biscuit tins and bits of chicken wire, with a piece of pla nk stopping the hole where next door's cat gets through.
Tech Mark Inc., 7901 Industry Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72117 Tel: (800) 787-6747 Fax: (501) 945-0312 Rojek 1,400, 3,500 Spring FSN300F 6,000, 8,000 featherboard 10,000 Rojek See above Ecc.
Before I got the Ridgid MagSwitch magnetic featherboard, I was clamping a homemade featherboard to the edge of the table.
* AFTER writing to the Echo regarding the removal of a large part of my fence for wood to feed a bonfire (You Say, November 8) I was very thankful to Steve Fincham of Sameday 4U Waste Removal/Haul 4U Removals of Bridgend for providing me with four lengths of timber and enough featherboard to rebuild the fence.
Position a featherboard against the edge of the stock.
The local teenagers and friends then appear and keep the bonfire going using our featherboard fence for firewood.
If the shop has a table saw, it needs a featherboard. I guarantee your shop rat has some cobbled-together, homemade featherboard that's a pain to clamp in place.
Ken's router table fingerboard works a lot better than an ordinary featherboard because it presses the workpiece against the router fence all the way through the cut.